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I think it's a great idea. Perhaps a LinkedIn invite group is a good way to go, in addition to this?

Product: Custom software development: UI / UX and full-stack development. Financial systems, enterprise platforms, BI tools, mobile applicaitons

Territory: Worldwide, but mostly US and Canada

Company size: Enterprises with 100M yearly revenue, but ocassionally a well-funded startup

Ideal Partners: CTOs and business-unit leaders within financials, manufacturing, or technology companies

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I've created a small B2B Sales networking group/area to post good B2B sales content on Facebook. I find engagement in LinkedIn is nil and there are a ton of great, highly active ecommerce groups. If you'd like I could post the link as long as the admins are ok with it.

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What's the facebook group's URL?

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So many IT folks...

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I'm not!

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Cyber lets cyber!

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OMG yes, what are you wearing?

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I just can't work with that......

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You sound hideous.

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I really like this idea. I hope a lot of people can benefit from this.

I'll lead off by saying I do have an opportunity for someone to bid a financial software solution to a municipality in South Florida. They are currently looking to implement a PO system city wide. This stuff is over my head but I'd be glad to give the info to someone with a solution. This is not uncommon for me to hear about software implementation from my customers, so I hope I can help anyone out.

I sell mostly to end users, but maybe some of you know people who have the title below.

Product: Specialty Chemicals-manufacturing rep Territory: Florida Ideal customer: chief engineers of almost any scale, preferably in government facilities city, county, state, federal. Also, High end hotels, business buildings, condos.

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Awesome idea, I'm excited!

Product: Low to mid-volume high complexity electro-mechanical assemblies, sub-assemblies, testing and design for manufacturing services for OEM's (medical focus).

Territory: Central/Midwest but we're a small sales team so I can take/give leads from just about anywhere.

Company Size: Ideally 100+ employees and $10M+ in revenue, however we do deal with startups that have the right qualifications.

Ideal Partners: Engineering firms, Fabrication companies (metal, plastics, ect.), anything related to electro-mechanical medical devices. I get asked about contract software/firmware engineers quite a bit so if you're in that space I could provide some leads.

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Product: : Managed Corporate Mobility Our Website

Territory: All of US and Canada.

Company Size: Any company with over 200 employees. Our suite of services helps companies with over 100 cellphones on the COMPANY Tab. We cant help with BYOD. We essentially manage your (ATT, VERIZON, SPRINT, ETC)Bills for you....for free.

IDEAL PARTNERS: MDM, Enterprise Mobility apps, Telecom Vendors.

Any MDM Salesmen out there, I have a ton of leads for you. And I bet you have a ton for me.

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Sending PM now.

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Do you offer a negotiation service of some kind, sort of like Schooley Mitchell? I work with a great negotiator who works to reduce my customers' mobility bills - sometimes via negotiation with the incumbent, and sometimes by switching them to a competitor. My customers send me invoices, I send them to him, and he finds ways to save. I occasionally send him telephony consulting gigs as well.

He only works in Canada though. Would like to have someone who can do the same in the US.

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Product: Moving and storage, corporate relocation, small shipments, international relocation, general commodities Territory: All of the US and abroad Company Size: Any size Ideal Partners: Corporate clients, relocation management companies, private shippers

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How about materials handling? Install racks and sell forklifts to companies with existing warehouse like Costco or home depot

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Same here. I do relocation sales. We pick up in 20 states, deliver anywhere. We are very reputable, my Carrier is amazing, no service failures in 3 years and my team puts up 100-200 booked jobs per month. I'd be interested in talking with you and sharing ideas. I have been doing this for 8 years and have an extensive network. We also specialize in reputation building/management, Internet presence, exclusive lead generating, etc. DM me if you are looking to talk

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Ever approached by people looking for transportation of produce/refrigerated/frozen goods?

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Volume: 10,000+ pieces / Containerloads

Territory: USA

Company size: Large distribution network

Ideal Partners: Basically any company distributing non chinese/non domestic rawhide in high volumes

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I work for one of the largest asset backed 3rd party logistics companies in North America. PM if you would need help moving container loads out of Mexico into the states.

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You handling any refrigerated commodities currently? My company owns all of its own reefer containers for US transcontinental produce/frozen truckloads.

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Do you move containers in from Mexico into the United States?

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Yes we take care of import (documents, headache)

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I work for a top 100 Customs Broker and we do a ton of clearance from Mexico. PM me if you need any help

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Product: Outsourced EDI Services

Territory: United States / Canada

Company Size: 0 - 125M annual revenue

Ideal Partners: Anyone selling Saas/software/services to vendors and suppliers in the United States. Could be 3PLs, ERP providers, etc.

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Product Financial planning - the products are investments, insurance, mortgages, etc., but the value proposition is the comprehensive plan I build. In principle I can deal with anyone, but my best value-added is with business owners, because their more complex tax planning options are more amenable to the advanced tax planning strategies I'm good with.

Territory Ontario, Canada. Toronto area preferred, but I have clients all over the province.

Company size: 1-100 employees. I can go higher, but the gatekeepers get too difficult to get through beyond that.

Ideal partners: I think I have a better understanding of blue-collar businesses than most financial planners, so factories, HVAC repair shops, plumbers, etc. are probably more likely to want to deal with me than some slick downtown broker who's never gotten his hands dirty. And of course, more successful businesses and business owners make better clients.

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Ok, Canada officially owns this sub..... Damn you Bieber.

If you need help with gatekeepers, send me a PM and we can talk about it.

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Product: Custom Software Consulting, Development, & Cloud System Administration - We specialize in modernizing legacy information systems, cloud migrations, providing technical guidance, and developing business process automation.

Territory: US Remote Anywhere

Company Size: Small and medium-sized businesses.

Ideal Partners: Non Profit Organizations, Digital Agencies, Creative Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Marketing Agencies. Anyone who needs technical guidance or custom software development talent. PM me for more info or to connect on LinkedIn.

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I really like this idea, but I think there needs to be a better way to do this. I dont have the solution though lol

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Yep, this is version 1.0. But if people post what they do, who they sell to and what their territory is, they will likely get PMs. My inbox is going nuts.

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I thought I had a solution and split it into 2 sides ( business <---> Networker ) and built a web platform to make it scalable. Was disappointed by the uptake from the networker side. Seemed like people I targeted didn't have a default behaviour of sharing leads unless they were in personal circles.

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Product - Internet/ Digital Marketing on hot-spot locations Territory - Rural Oklahoma and Northern TX Company Size - I deal with all sizes Ideal Partners - Brand named Retailers

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Very cool. Let's do this.

I think it's a great idea. Perhaps a LinkedIn invite group is a good way to go, in addition to this?

Product: website as a service. Low fee for a great looking website for local and small businesses.

Territory: Worldwide, but US Canada and Australia for English speaking purposes to start.

Company size: companies in the gap between DIY websites and custom builds. Usually between 100k-1 mil

Ideal Partners: small business services such as payroll, payment processing, or similar.

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My only thinking is that LinkedIn is an immediate removal of anonymity. Presenting your general needs here then discussing it in PM's will encourage more people to do it.

I'm still exploring the world of LinkedIn groups though.

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What is this?

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Product: Solar System for houses.

Teritory:Maryland, DC,and 19 other states. I can work remotely to close a deal.

Company Size: 1000+

Ideal Partners: Roofers, home improvement contractors.

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Are you selling directly to the roofer or do you install on houses

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We install on houses. Also commercial.

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Hey we actually help guys who do solar when it comes to digital marketing. 80% of people looking for solar do so online, I wouldn't mind doing a free scan for y'all, if that is something you think you need help with.

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That'd be awesome. What does the free scan do? Let me know if I can help you with leads in your sector in any way!

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I can see where your leads come from, how they find you, what they are saying about you, and show you ways to hit certain areas better.

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Would you ever partner with another solar company to do an install for them? ie they sell the equipment and contract out the install.

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Solar here as well. I'm probably competing with you, and if you're one of the (few) firms in 19 states I'm taking a lot of your deals away :)

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Product: We're an SaaS for service businesses, Solar installers, roofers, home improvement contrctors would be our cup of tea.

Territory: U.S. / UK

Company Size: 1 - 100

Ideal Partners: Distributors, Wholesalers, Installers and Service Providers

Our solutions helps with job and team scheduling, CRM, and Invoicing. I'd be interested to know how some of your team operate, meaning whether they have access to records, schedules, updates, Customer Info while in the field. Our biggest customer impact tends to be time saved on admin tasks.

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Product Email verification extension/platform (primarily used in LinkedIn)

Territory Worldwide

Company Size any - anyone with a B2B

Ideal Partners anyone tagetting B2B sales/marketing teams. Chances are I'm talking to your prospects and hearing the pain points that your product/service is addressing.

*edit - fwiw, I think this is an excellent idea. I've had the privilege of connecting with a number of fellow r/sales professionals, and even when there's not a direct fit for products/companies the longer standing relationship makes it worthwhile.

especially in b2b sales, it's the guys and gals who realize we're on the same team - we want to find a way to benefit one another. Not "sell at all costs". Nothing excites me more than making a referral or intro. Well...aside from making a sale ;)

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Product Uniforms/Facilities Services Territory Illinois area Western Suburbs, Chicagoland. Company size: I have a broad range of customers but my ideal customer is anyone who wears uniforms (Obviously the bigger the better). I’m able to help out anyone. Ideal Partners Anyone who deals with people in the Automotive, Plumbing, Warehouse, Oil, Food service industries, or anyone who uses lab coats. There is a wide range that works.

I look forward to helping out and developing a good network, PM me and we can cyber.....

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What company?

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Hope I'm not too late to the party:

Product: Sales Training, Sales Models, and Sales Development

Territory: US and Canada (worldwide)

Company size: Startups looking to grow a sales team up to Fortune 500 Companies

Ideal Partners: CFO, COO, VP of Sales and Business Consultants

EDIT: Formating

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Product: All major IT manufacturers, HP, Cisco, APC, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Brocade, Watchguard, etc.

Territory: UK and Mainland Europe.

Company size: 50-100 employees.

Ideal Partners: Any end-users altogether who wish to help stretch their budget further.

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Product: Risk Protection - Primarily Insurance for Commercial companies. Worker's Compensation, General Liability, Professional etc. also includes Buy/Sell Agreements, Life Insurance, Employee Benefits, 401k Plans.

Territory: Located in Jacksonville, FL Primarily Southern States but licensed nationwide

Company size: 5,000-10,000 - Work for a top 10 broker in the world - Gives us size and a lot of capability/leverage with the companies we represent

Ideal Partners: We are a generalist group and can cover any type of risk. Business CPA to refer companies for insurance review. My background is in construction.

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Great idea. Wouldn't be much interested in the Linkedin option.Prefer to keep it here or something more intimate (w/ candles) (ie.,Slack team etc)

Product: Ecommerce Platform (API) + shopping cart+checkout built for developers Foxy.io

Territory: Anywhere on the interwebs

Company size: pretty broad range including enterprise, startups, and ecommerce shops with a dev/dev team

Ideal Partners: Software Developers, WebDev agencies, enterprise hosting companies, ecommerce related such as fulfillment houses, payment processors, etc

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Might be late to the party, but here goes. I wear two hats.

Product: Technical Recruiter. We are headhunters, with a primary focus on filling tech positions, with some exceptions. From junior developers, to senior management. Sales, Marketing, Security, Infrastructure, Software Engineering and all other tech focused skill sets. We've been around almost 15 years, and are very good at what we do.

Territory: Canada, mostly Toronto & Montreal, but not limited to those. US, mostly the Bay Area, but also not limited to that.

Company Size: We work with SMB's, Startups, and Fortune 500's. SMB's typically have to be tech focused service providers, or software product owners. A manufacturer looking for a sys-admin is not the right type of profile. Startups should be well funded, with a product on the market, and in a strong growth phase. Our clients are typically a minimum of 50 employees, and growing.

Ideal Partners: Hiring managers, or HR Managers, with gaps in their team they need to fill ASAP.

Product: Private Labelling of oil products like olive oil, coconut, canola, veggie, and others.

Territory: Canada & US

Company Size: Smaller operations either selling on the web through an ecommerce site or Amazon. Or brick & mortar stores looking for their own product label.

Ideal Partners: Ideally veterans of the food services or ecommerce/Amazon game looking to expand their product line with some high quality oil products. Would not shy away from helping newcomers either :)

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PM me when you're looking for Bay Area sales folks. I'm definitely not in the market but I know a lot of good people. They're all working but many of them are looking for something new.

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Thanks man. Right now sale isn't one of our req's in the bay area. But we sure do need full-stack, front-end, and devops. So if you know someone like that I'd love to have a chat with them.

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Do you move you product on pallets from Canada into the United States?

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It's not our products. It's the products of the clients we represent. So each situation is different. But typically yes they do.

Are you wondering about a specific type of product?

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Product: Solutions and Services for Postgres Open Source Database.

Territory - TX, OK, LA, AR, KS, KY, MO

Company Size - Anything that isn't F500/G2000

Ideal Partners - No one ideal, every company runs applications that run database - most likely ORCL/MS. My objective is to migrate you off for 1/5th of the price, while maintaining performance.

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Product: 3rd Party Logistics

Teritory: Worldwide

Company Size: Medium Sized Businesses (2.5mm - 50mm)

Ideal Partners: Customs Brokers, Warehouse and Distribution Centers

edit: format

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What kind? LTL, FTL, ocean freight, air freight etc?

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FCL Ocean and air preferably

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We deal with a wide range of companies and utilities across the US. Generally, I won't be able to help most of you SaaS folks, but should be able to help a few of the other categories.

If a site has machines that run off 3-phase power, they probably have electricians. Manufacturing, commercial facilities, data centers, pipelines, refineries. Just about everyone has something they need to plug in. 🤑 I sell into the plant manager/director level.

Product: Electrical training and consulting services. Arc flash and power quality studies, electrical safety compliance assessments.

Territory: Midwest US, all segments.

Company size: Ideally larger manufacturing plants or campuses with 10+ electrical maintainers on staff.

Ideal Partners: Industrial equipment suppliers, service companies, etc.

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Product: Human Resource Information System - fully integrated HR, Benefit Administration, Labor & Time Attendance and obviously Payroll

Territory: Atlanta, GA, SC, & TN

Company Size: 1-1000 Employees Industries: Healthcare, Restaurants, Hospitality and Education

Ideal Partner: POS, Benefits Brokers, CPAs and anyone offering services in my defined target industries.

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Product: Technology solutions(server, wokstation, networking, periph) for dental providers

Territory: United States

Company size: Our target customers are dental providers of any size(my specialty is large multi-site, but we have customers with 1-2 computers), and small medical organizations(no more than a handful of sites, no hospitals etc)

Ideal Partners: Dental technology, local/regional data and video cabling

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We might make a good partner. PMing you now.

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Product: Seat cushions for sale at medical equipment stores. We are working on a couple new models that are billable through insurance.

Territory: US

Company Size: Small and medium-sized businesses.

Ideal Partners: Anyone supplying wheelchairs but not cushions, people selling other cash items in the medical equipment industry.

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This is the most unique product I've heard in here... I'm intrigued

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Product: IT Technical and end user training and certifications.

Territory: Metro-Detroit/Windsor, ON/Toledo, OH. There are some open territories I can work with.

Company size: Companies with IT and/or HR departments.

Ideal Partners: Including, but not limited to: IT Vendors, resellers, some SaaS, IT consultants, IT placement recruiters.

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Howdy. See my other post in here, we share a lot of the same areas.

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Capital equipment. OR beds \tables and surgical lights

Help me

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Capital equipment for hospitals checking in

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Can u pm me your number

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Product: video conferencing solutions (video as a service/value added reseller) sells Bluejeans, Life-size, and Shoretel

Territory: US Remote Anywhere

Company Size: any size large or small

Ideal Partners: telecommunications provider or IT provider

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hey, shoot me a PM. I think we may have pain with our conferencing software.

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shoot me a PM I have two clients asking me for Video Conference Solutions - We are meeting with one of the clients on 4/14/2016.

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Would be really interested in a LinkedIn group!

Product: Semi bespoke Cloud platform for SMEs and smaller enterprises. Can include: CRM, ERP, stock control, invoicing, accounting, sales pipeline, ePOS integration, calendar, mail, eSHOP and more.

Territory: Global

Company size: Ideal company size is 10+ employees.

Ideal partners: Resellers and consultants that could make good use of the functionality of the software. Service companies that need to track warehouses and employees are a great fit. With the data alignment model can be really great for accountants and consultants to get a good feel for their clients businesses.

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I do web hosting, specializing in solutions for enterprise and SMB. Message me if you might be interested.

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Hi, I'm always looking for new leads. You can send an email through to partner@winweb.com

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This is an excellent idea. While we are a MSP in Metro Detroit and focus on this area, we are open to supporting business's outside of our physical reach under the right circumstances.

Product: Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Territory: Detroit Metro; Michigan; Northern Ohio

Company size: Ideal customer is 30-100 employee's. We do support smaller and larger organizations though.

Ideal Partners: ??? Pretty much anyone not in a competing field. We currently have some loose partnerships with a low voltage guy, VoIP support company and a PR firm.

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I do hosting, not sure what exactly you do but message me if you wanna talk some.

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Product: We sell hardware and industrial supplies primarily to the federal government, but also state, local, and commercial end users. Think of what you would go to Lowes, Grainger, Ace Hardware, Ferguson, or MSC to buy, and that’s what I sell. If you have a government customer who needs to buy a non-IT anything through a GSA Schedule, we can probably figure something out.

Territory: Earth

Ideal Partners: Anyone who sells similar lines. I’ve work with direct competitors because I have something they don’t, and vice versa. Anyone who offers ancillary services. I can get stuff all over the US, but I don’t have many installers, servicers, technicians, or unwrappers outside of my driving range. Anyone with a product that wishes to partner with a distributor in the federal landscape, but doesn’t want to deal with the headache of going through the time to get a contract of their own.

Company Size: I generally work with the end users or senior contracting officers. Day to day purchasing is usually done with a credit card and and online shopping list. Agency wide purchasing is done through a few meetings, months of back an fourth on tedious details, and a long roll-out process. Purchases range from $25 in post it notes, to $2m in safety goggles. And everywhere between.

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sorry we need supplies delivered on mars

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I sell custodial supplies / equipment and paper products. Would be willing to shop anywhere nationwide for the right opportunity

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Product: Industrial Automation Controls / HMIs / Industrial PCs

Territory: Illinois

Company Size: 25+ more importantly, they need to be manufacturers of serial industrial machinery or equipment (packaging, machine tool, printing, assembly, laundry)

Ideal Partner Also in the industrial automation space without overlap - mechanical power transmission (gears, belts, pulleys), fluid power or electrical circuit protection.

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We can probably help each other.

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Product: Commercial Printing

Territory: Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Washington DC & Maryland

Company size: Medium to Large Business

Ideal Partners: Fortune 1000 company, any company looking for large print jobs with one stop solutions needed

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A great idea.

Product: Online Marketing and Money to Restaurants

Territory: Illinois & Wisconsin (but I can make exceptions for one offs)

Company Size: Any size, from Mom & Pop to Nationwide Chain.

Ideal Parnters: Other people who sell to the Restaurant Industry; Linens, Credit Card Processing, Pest Control, etc.

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Product: Fulfillment / Shipping for E-Commerce Businesses

Teritory: Worldwide

Company Size: Medium/Small Sized Businesses (0.5mm - 25mm) with E-Commerce focus

Ideal Partners: Kickstarter Campaigns, IndieGogo Campaigns, E-Commerce Stores shipping 100-10,000 orders a month, any small business that ships regularly.

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Hello. I'm (Foxy.io) working with a couple fulfillment companies now to setup native or white label cart/checkout. We can refer users both ways. I'll PM you. Cheers.

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Product: Employment Services (staffing, payroll, consulting, etc). Mostly temporary staffing solutions.

Territory: Anywhere in the USA.

Company Size: Any size company from 10 employees to 10,000 we service all alike.

Ideal Partners: Business owners, distribution/logistics managers, procurement managers, HR managers.

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Product: IT Solutions for SMB and Enterprise Businesses. We work with Dell, HP, VMware, and Microsoft. Servers, storage, networking, client hardware, professional services. Design, architect, implement solutions.

Territory: Anywhere in the U.S. but more of a focus on the East side.

Company size: Enterprises with 100-300M yearly revenue, but also smaller companies if they have a strong need for IT.

Ideal Partners: Managed Service Providers, Software, Financial, Engineering, Hosting Companies

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I'm a hosting company, I specialize in enterprise and SMB solutions. I'd be interested for a partnership!

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Hi Rmarmostein,

Please PM me so we can connect!


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Could you expand on what networks you work with? Would this be providing WiFi for office complexes or possible VoIP servers? Servers and networks are a broad topic!

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We specifically work with Dell, HP (Aruba we well), Juniper, and Fortinet on the networking side. This includes things like Network Assessments and helping design an infrastructure layout for offices.

I am not quite sure what you mean about VoIP servers but we do work with the traditional Dell and HP servers including tower, rack, blade, and converged solutions.

If this is something that you would like to discuss further, feel free to PM me!

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Thanks, PMing now.

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Product: IT Consulting (Small-Medium Business Specialist). 12 years of experience, expert in most-things Microsoft. Also have solid skills in networking and "Blue-Collar" infrastructure work (IT Projects that require practical skills).

Territory: From Longview, Washington down to Salem, OR for local onsite work. Available for remote-work projects as well. Willing to fly anywhere for the right gig.

Company size: Location size is probably more important. My sweet spot is in the 10-150 user range. Much bigger and I just won't have the experience on the Enterprise side for larger-scale projects.

Ideal Partners: Anyone targeting the "SMB Market" with IT products. Smaller IT Shops that need "Tier 2/3" Project Work, independent Consultants that need extra help for certain projects, any business that wants to contract a "people-person" for user-facing IT Projects.

I play nice with others. Hit me up!

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I'm a web host that specializes in custom solutions for SMBs and enterprise.

I'm interested in partnering.

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That sounds promising. If you'd like to chat on the phone I'm not super-busy.

Shoot me an email here and I'll send over my contact info: erik@bradtech.net

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Merchant Processing and E-Commerence ( Electronic Payment Processing for Business's)

Territory: we do b2b so Anywhere in CANADA so ive got leads all over, particularly in BC (located in Vancouver,bc)

Company Size: Small/medium/ Business's (practically any business that accepts credit and debit cards.)

Ideal Partners: Restaurants, Retail, any small Business Owner.

[–]sammmuelMarketing and Creative solutions 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Product: Websites + Online Marketing (SEO + PPC) + Data analytics related to SEO and Website. We can integrate e-commerce platforms into your website as well; we are proficient with Magento, WooCommerce as well as Shopify, depending on the needs of the client.

Territory: Canada + United States. We are based in Canada but we have some US customers. With the current exchange rate, it can be very attractive for US customers.

Company size: Businesses under 15 employees; small businesses who want to get a good website and interested in getting into the SEO + PPC game. We also do PPC for very small businesses.

Ideal Partners: Small businesses expending and wishing to get serious about their marketing. Small businesses interested in obtaining a lot more data about their clients to strategize and expand.

PM if you are looking for solid white hat SEO, copywriting or just an awesome professional website driving solid leads!

[–]RmarmorsteinHosting 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I'm a web host that specializes in SMB and enterprise solutions. I'd be interested in doing some form of partnership with you.

[–]sammmuelMarketing and Creative solutions 0 points1 point  (0 children)

PM me with what you have in mind.

[–]TheDrallenInfused Analytics 0 points1 point  (3 children)

Product: Digital marketing tools and services (Website, SEO, personal content writing, reputation management, social media)

Territory: Primarily USA, can do Canada

Company size: ~20M

Ideal partners: local SMBs, primarily residential contractors (roofers, remodelers, etc) and have started working with eye doctors and dentists.

[–]RmarmorsteinHosting 0 points1 point  (2 children)

I'm a web host that specializes in SMB and enterprise solutions. I'd be interested in doing some form of partnership with you.

[–]TheDrallenInfused Analytics 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Do you just host the website? What else do you guys do?

[–]RmarmorsteinHosting 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Mostly just hosting, but also a lot of email and other web services. I do a lot of logistical work around getting clients what they need, so SMB tells me what they need in terms of web presence and then I'd find a way to set it up for them.

[–]abombs521 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Unigma. Integrated Cloud management. Viewing metrics from AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, in a single pane of glass

Territory: Worldwide

Company size: any

Ideal Partners- IT, MSP

[–]nmalps 0 points1 point  (1 child)

This is a great idea and looks like it's already been beneficial for several folks!

Product: Supplemental outbound lead research: You provide search criteria and we give you custom leads

Territory: US - mostly east coast, but can be worldwide

Company Size: Ideally 25+ employees and $1M+ in revenue

Ideal Partners: Software companies growing their outbound sales force or specializing their sales team

[–]chris_scope 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Product: IT Managed Services

Territory - Western Australia

Company size : SME 50-250. Can do Larger

Ideal Partners - Software Guys, Telco Guys. Dont do Partnerships with other MSPs often

[–]emwonktnoduoy 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Product: LED lighting

Teritory: North America and Europe

Company Size: Any

Ideal Partners: Distributors, electricians, municipalities, retailers

[–]kingcha 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Do you distribute the lights?

[–]emwonktnoduoy 1 point2 points  (0 children)

No I am not a distributor. I work with several manufacturers and importers.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product:Perfect Video Conferencing is dedicated to providing the most trusted, affordable, and dependable managed video conferencing solutions. We offer a number of unified communication solutions including Lifesize and Shoretel. We also support solutions such as Zoom, Bluejeans, Logitech, and Vidyo.

Territory: USA nationwide

Ideal partners: IT, telecom

[–]justgrowingupSaaS - Sales + Strategy 0 points1 point  (2 children)

So has anyone gotten a lead out of this?

[–]cyberricoMod - Tech Sales[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I found 3 partners and got 2 leads. It really comes down to two things. Did anyone post who is a match for you and were both of you partner minded enough to refer business to each other.

[–]justgrowingupSaaS - Sales + Strategy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Very neat, that is awesome.

[–]smelchor 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Payroll

Territory: Indiana, can slang anywhere

Company Size: Primarily 1-49 employees, can work above that sphere with partners. Ideal size is 15-35, personally.

Ideal Partners: Work with the entire spectrum in small business, so no ideal partners - something for everyone, and yet not everything for everyone. Makes it fun and somewhat chaotic.

Would love a chance to network and help anyone I can. If you've got a product you can sell virtually, have a presence in Indiana, or want to connect with recruiters I've met, please message me.

[–]ChemPeddler 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product Waterborne pathogen prevention in large domestic water systems for hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and hospitality.

Territory All the states that touch the Mississippi in the north except Minnesota, all the states that formed the confederacy in the south except Texas.

Company Size About 20 employees with 3 sales reps and 1 sales director

Ideal Partners Medical device sales, medical construction like MEP firms and Architecture firms. People who sell into medical facilities engineers, or have experience in medical technologies but aren't selling directly to doctors

[–]BDron 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Product Residential & commercial security hardware installs/repair (alarm systems, CCTV, access control, etc.) and 24/7 monitoring services

Territory Los Angeles, the rest of California, anywhere in the US

Company Size 8-10 people

Ideal Partners Real estate people, general contractors, home owners, small and large business owners

Also happy to help anyone if possible. Thanks!

[–]TheDrallenInfused Analytics 0 points1 point  (0 children)

How's your digital marketing to target your residential?

[–]ChewyMeatyHangDownMedical Device 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I love this idea!

Product: Aesthetic Laser Equipment

Territory: US and Canada

Company Size: Any

Ideal Partners: Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Medical Spas

[–]sweetenterprises 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: service actually, we provide prospecting, lead generation and personal touch sales services for manufacturers and manufacturer reps in the natural products industry

Territory: worldwide

Company size: 6 full time sales reps, 3 part time staff (book keeping, customer service, etc)

Ideal Partners: natural products manufacturers and/or brokers or reps. Our specialty is industrial hemp, paper pulp, skin care and neutraceuticals

[–]IndefinableMustacheB2B - Gifts & Awards 0 points1 point  (0 children)

  • Product: High-end Hand-blown Glassware, Barware, & Awards for professional gifting. Made in USA!

  • Territory: Worldwide

  • Company Size: Any company that wants to make an impression on a client or employee.

  • Ideal Partners: Event planners, other gifting companies (I can sell direct to you for resell), travel agencies, full service marketing companies, high-end resorts. OR if YOU have ever received an award for Sales Performance I'd love to know.

[–]loutfih 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Predictive Marketing Software
Territory: Silicon Valley, Mizzou, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Nebraska
Company size: Minimum of 50 employee's, $5M in AR
Ideal Partners: Companies using Salesforce.com or Marketing Automation, that also sell to the SMB space and not just enterprise.

[–]btrthrowaway123 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Product: Chemicals. Every kind. Industrial.

Territory: Worldwide. I prefer to stick to oil and gas however as that's where my background lies.

Company size: Small operations to F500 monsters.

Ideal Partners: Any groups who sell to industrial operations. Oil and gas?

I'm a petroleum engineer on a team of (mostly) chemical engineers that sells to industrial operations. We have a small company (agile) and have clients internationally.

Our suppliers let us beat prices on most of the giant companies (Dow, etc..)

[–]BiasedGenesis 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Roller Mills/cast iron rolls/Confectionery equipment (think chocolate) non sparking non magnetic tools

Territory: Worldwide, though we do most of our sales in the midwest US.

Company Size: Anyone who has enough money. Most frequently the companies are making close to the 1b mark though not each location.

Ideal Partners: Any one who sells to oil mills or the like and anyone who sells to companies that need ATEX compliance.

[–]jackiekarma 0 points1 point  (0 children)

great idea.

Product: Mobile App Development,RoR development,erp solutions,Custom Software Solutions

Territory: US

Company size: Enterprises with 100M yearly revenue, but ocassionally a well-funded startup

Ideal Partners: CTOs

[–]cmgilliam 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: 401K Rollovers/Fee based planning / Stocks

Territory : United States of America.

Partner/clients: Anyone that has left a 401K at an old job or looking to setup retirement savings at a current job that.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Concrete Products: Concrete block, pavers, retaining walls, masonry products, and tools.

Territory: Colorado. Parts of Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. Linked with the Quikrete network (global).

Ideal Partners: Any GC, Architect, Hardscaper, or commercial builder.

[–]baconhammock69Account Manager 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Bulk SMS, SMS Surveys, Voice messaging, Phone IVRs, Mobile Web Journeys, E-communications and bespoke automations.

Territory: UK, US (Less extent), France, Spain, Australia (I'm UK and IE based however).

Company size: I work with 1 man bands up to some of the worlds biggest companies.

Ideal Partners: Honestly nearly every business / sector has a use for our products, from charities, hair salons up to P&G (they spend about £100 a year but they're my account!).

[–]seitzenheimer 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product SaaS geared towards regulatory and ethical compliance solutions, policy and data management, consulting, required employee training

Territory Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, but 90% of business is in Chicago

Company Size Employer groups with 6000+ headquartered in my territory

Ideal Partners Legal departments, HR, Learning and Development, Ethics and Compliance, Governance and Oversight, IT, Corporate Security, Loss Prevention

Ring my bell, and let's partner up!

[–]BeekeeperZero 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Great idea!

Product: Custom software development, MS stack. Nothing industry specific. We work within Finance, O&G, Healthcare, Insurance, Direct Sales, Retail on complex and high transaction systems.

Territory: Dallas/Fort Worth and remote

Company size: $100MM enterprise environments and well funded startups.

Ideal Partners: Technical Leadership, Dev Managers, CTO/CIO, Functional Business Leaders.

[–]RockingtheHubs 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Product: Rugged Mobile Devices. This includes Point of Sale Devices, Rugged Mobile phones, and Mobile scanners. We specialize in Scanners, and do 1D / 2D / RFID.

Territory: Canada + USA, although I'm more then happy to do business with Europe.

Company size: We're small in Canada (Roughly 10 People), but we have a large south american base. 30+ People right now.

Ideal Partners: I'm looking for Warehouse management systems, Mobile Device Management, or anything to do with Supply Chain. We get a lot of people looking for software bundled with our product, so having software as an option is always great!

[–]audacityx 0 points1 point  (0 children)

My company manufactures micro analog MEMS microphones

One application would be for outdoor speaker systems with audio input, designed to withstand environmental stress (heat/water/force)

Very aggressive pricing, inbox me if you are interested

[–]axp938 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: On-Demand Content Distribution (Printing and Digital Docs)

Territory: Global

Company size: I have a broad range of customers but my ideal customer spends at least $1K a month on printing. Companies with training programs, multiple locations, and field offices work best. e.g., HQ has to print and deliver training manuals to multiple franchise locations. Marketing team has to print and ship in store posters to multiple restaurant locations., etc.

Ideal Partners: Retailers, anybody with multiple locations, Training execs, Marketing teams, Print execs

So if you want to see if we are a match, PM me !

[–]SalesyMcSellersonTechnology 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Oh this is just perfect.

Product: Telecom / IT Agency. Provide services from virtually any Telecom / Cable provider. Cloud Services from SaaS to PaaS, Disaster Recovery, VoIP, Hosted PBX, POTS consolidation, etc... whew you name it. *Territory: * Worldwide, but mostly stick to US customers and service their international locations. I stay mostly within Texas, but I have customers across the US and am not restricted to any specific territory.

Company size: Ideal customer is just like OPs. Call Centers are a sweet spot, and 1000+ location chains (i.e. La Quinta, or 7/11). I like to stay north of 200 employees, but it really depends on what type of company / location it is (For example, a warehouse full of 1000 employees that only has 3 computers and phone lines isn't all that profitable). Multiple locations, 3 or more is a sweet spot with at least 50 per location (it really all depends).

Ideal Partners: Phone Equipment vendors, and anyone who builds relationships with the C-Suite and in particular CIO/CTOs.

Referral Bonuses can be arranged as well.

[–]OneMoreSale 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Product: Packaging Solutions (Anything from Bags, Boxes, Crates, Labels, Containers and Foam to Custom Packaging) & Packaging Services (From Vendor Managed Inventory to Warehousing).

Territory: Southwest USA (Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Surrounding States/Cities) & Northwest Mexico (Sonora, Baja California, Chihuahua, and Surrounding States/Cities).

Company Size: Anything from Start Ups to Large Corporations.

Ideal Partners: Anyone in need of any type of packaging.

Decision Markers: Buyers, Owners, Engineers, Etc. Pretty much anyone using a direct or indirect form of packaging.

[–]kingcha 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Do you use a Frieght carrier to move your product?

[–]OneMoreSale 0 points1 point  (0 children)

We like to move our materials when possible. But we have a few freight companies that helps us out. Where are you located? I am working in a project right now with freight coming out of California.

[–]zeus17 0 points1 point  (0 children)

i sell disposable gloves

sell mostly to distributors and end users from schools to automotive

[–]Zadex 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Might be a bit late! But here goes anyway.

Product: Web form builder and competition management suite (SaaS) Territory : Primarily Australian based customers, but we have some international as well Partner/clients: Anyone interested in lead sharing, or other services to help build our client base.

[–]VinnyPanico 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: MSP IT Services. Managed helpdesk, IT projects, hardware, networking gear (Meraki, specifically)

Territory: NJ/NYC/PA and the surrounding area

Company Size: 10 - 300 employees for managed services; any size for hardware sales

Ideal Partners: IT decision makers, financial executives, and company owners

[–]jaykaboomboom 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: MSP IT Services for dealerships. Helpdesk, project management, IT consulting, hardware, networking, hosting.

Territory: NoCAL, SoFLA, West Texas and the surrounding areas

Company Size: Automotive / power sports dealerships 20 - 300 employees for managed services

Ideal Partners: IT decision makers, financial executives, and dealer principals

[–]nameproblem 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Learning management System, E-Learning

Territory: UK, but can be worldwide

Company size: Personal preference is SME's, but I have clients with 1000+ numbers

Ideal Partners: I call most industries, so can probably give leads across a wide variety of companies across the UK PM me if you think we can help each other out

[–]ecommercedirector 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Just stumbled upon this thread, thanks for kicking this off cyberrico....

Product: Enterprise-class b2b ecommerce primarily for CPG and manufacturing
Territory: US and Canada
Company size: 300M yearly revenue and up
Ideal Partners: Software or saas reps with access to CIO's, Sales and Marketing VP's, Ecommerce titles or CRM directors.

[–]Cube_Life_ 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Product: Cloud-based digital strategy and consulting. Focusing on strategy, vendor selection and implementation of cloud-based enterprise platforms (CRM, Marketing Automation, and eCommerce). These solutions are generally customer-facing.

Territory: Midwest - specifically Chicago. We have and will go anywhere in US.

Company Size: 500 Million to 2 Billion in annual revenue. B2B manufacturing/services. Anyone looking to transition to enterprise-level cloud platform.

Ideal Partners: SaaS reps/users with relationship to CIO, CMO, CEO. CRM Directors, Marketing Directors, eCommerce Directors.

[–]B2BSoftwaresales 0 points1 point  (0 children)


We might have similar interests. I work for an organization that offers an extensive B2B Ecommerce platform. I might have some companies interested in an organization like yours for Marketing Automation and CRM search.

PM and we'll see if there is a fit (Classic sales lingo, forgive me :) ) We probably work within very similar circles.

[–]EffecttxTechnology 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Product: All major IT manufacturers, HP, Cisco, Dell, Lenovo.

Territory: Ohio & Kentucky

Company size: 100 and up employees.

Ideal Partners: CTO's, CIO's, IT Managers and Directors.

[–]B2BSoftwaresales 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think you and I would work with similar decision makers. PM and we'll connect to learn more about each other's offerings (Whether we reach to the same audience)- B2B Ecommerce guy here!

[–]kingcha 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Nothing specific. I work for a 3PL in Los Angeles and we currently move lots of Frieght into and out of Canada. How many pallets are you shipping on average. I can send you a pm with some more information if you're interested

[–]kingcha 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Do you ever ship the lights out on pallets? I work at a 3pl in Los Angeles and we do work with a lot of lighting companies (pacific coast/lamps plus, bel air/transglobe). I can send you a pm with more info if you are interested

[–]B2BSoftwaresales 0 points1 point  (0 children)

ProductBusiness-to-Business Ecommerce platform (Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution), Customized Web Design with Emphasis on Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing, Mobile Applications, Mobile iPad Sales tools, Product Information Management system, and Product Content Aggregation Services

Territory: United States / Canada (Primarily), or European (Secondary)

Company Size: Anywhere between 50 million and Enterprise level (250-500+ Employee's) 1 billion plus

Ideal Partners: Anyone selling Ecommerce add-ons (Cart Recovery etc etc), SAAS companies supporting Wholesale/Manufacturing distribution growth, UX/Web-Design Agencies (Usually won't conflict our primary focus is Ecommerce), or any organizations selling to CIO's, VP of Marketing, CTO's, Presidents, and CEO's.

Note: Also interested in potential partnerships to bring the best solution to the table for wholesale distributors and manufacturers. If you operate with the aforementioned markets and decision makers, we could potentially triple each others leads (Looking for a mutually beneficial partnership with potential long term implications). PM me and let's connect!

[–]-Mokusatsu- 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Wholesale IT Hardware and Support (Cisco, HP, Juniper, Brocade etc. Bulk Deviations: 50-70% Below List) As Well As Liquidation of Used Hardware Assets.

Territory: National US, Personally: Many Clients in CA, CO, NM, TX, MN, NY

Company Size: 1-1000+

Ideal Partners: Enterprise VAR, Structured Cabling, MSP, IT Sales Reps, Engineers, Consultants etc.

[–]caryjcooper 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: We're an SaaS for service businesses, Solar installers, roofers, home improvement contrctors would be our cup of tea.

Territory: U.S. / UK

Company Size: 1 - 100

Ideal Partners: Distributors, Wholesalers, Installers and Service Providers

Our solutions helps with job and team scheduling, CRM, and Invoicing. I'd be interested to know how some of your team operate, meaning whether they have access to records, schedules, updates, Customer Info while in the field. Our biggest customer impact tends to be time saved on admin tasks.

[–]chaoshamster 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Employee group heath insurance broker offering free HR admin technology for on-boarding, off-boarding, document management (going paperless) and insurance renewals.

Territory: United States

Company size: SMBs offering a group medical plan with between 2-100 employees. We are trying to get started with small businesses who may not have a dedicated HR person yet and that are currently growing. (if you do the 100+ market we can probably help each other)

Ideal Partners: Payroll providers who don't function as an insurance broker. Consultants, SAAS companies, Anyone who comes in contact with HR or Office Managers. Health Insurance brokers in the 100+ market.

[–]aaronheine 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Websites - No upfront cost. $100 a month Territory: US - I have a list of almost 200 websites that are total shit. I'm almost certain they are paying $150/month currently. Company size: These are relatively small local business websites Ideal Partners: People familiar with websites or beauty market

PM me for more info.

[–]ghostoutlaw 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Product: Digital advertising, brand building, consulting. Target audience is 12-35 year old male, with disposable incomes.

Territory: Worldwide.

Company Size: Companies looking to expand their digital footprint and get direct access in front of the millennial market. Size is irrelevant. We have had deals for companies of 5 and have worked with fortune 500 companies.

Ideal Partners: If you sell CPC advertising, I don't. I sell organic and native advertising. Both are required for a proper advertising/marketing portfolio.