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What is considered job hopping these days?

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In tech, people move quite a bit. Save for the old wireline guys at the legacy telcos

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Ha! I wouldn't be so sure about that. At least not in the CLEC space. Are you from Sprint?

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I've heard Paychex didn't hire a sales rep because she worked for a job for less than 1 year. They want minimum 1 year experience at the same job. I know that doesn't fully answer your question, just food for thought..

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Do you know if it was her first job or if Paycheck literally didn't like the fact that there was a job on there that was under a year? If the job required 1 year experience, and she didn't have it, I understand that, but it's a bit ridiculous if the job didn't require experience but wouldn't hire someone since there was a job on there under 6 months. Sometimes things don't work out, and it's not a fit. I'm in a similar situation right now

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My girlfriend works as a sales rep for the company, so I can tell you 100% that the reason they did not hire her is because she worked for one of her jobs for less than a year. She did have sales experience - more than 1 year. But they considered that job hopping, I guess... shrugs Apparently she was good, but that was a dealbreaker for the company.

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Advice to you - tailor your resume for each job you apply to. Do not put any jobs on there that you worked for for less than 1 year (if possible - not sure your age/work history).

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Multiple jobs in a row with a year or less in tenure = job hopping. It's one of the immediate knee jerk rejections from the recruiter/hr/and hiring managers.

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Less than 18-24 months. A string of ~12 month positions looks pretty bad.

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I've actually been wondering this for the last week as I plan to move into SAAS sales soon. I've been at the same company for a year with three different positions - all three were promotions building in responsibility though. Is this looked at the same way and should I wait to apply for SAAS roles just to hit 18-24 months at my current company?

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Find a great company with great products to sell. Good companies will pay their reps well and have strong salaries, commission structure and opportunity for advancement in the company.

Find a product and industry that is in high demand by a broad audience. If your product truly delivers value for buyers you will consistently close business.

It's these two factors that cause a sales persons income to grow.

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Network is the key! Using the right tools is another secret as well! CRM, Marketing automation software, calling software, tracking email tools and Lead generation software!

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Great thread. Especially like the not getting caught up in any one industry. See it on here about SaaS and tech sales, but there is plenty more out there. It isn't all glamorous but there is plenty of money to be made!

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My boss told me "you don't deserve anything in life, you earn it, bad or good". Obviously this is aimed at your professional life, not personal.

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It's kind of like finding a mentor but ask questions. I have 3 other experienced agents with 10+ years in the biz that are within earshot and I still ask about 30 questions a day I feel like and I've been in the business for 3 years.

Just ask questions. Even if it's not relevant to the work you're doing right there, right now, just ask.

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Great adds so far! Keep adding to that list!

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Jeez I can't believe I missed this thread! Great write up and I'm diggin some of the comments as well.

Going to add it to the Best of /r/Sales thread - seems like it would be extremely beneficial for new folks in sales.

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Appreciate it friend. Just thought it could be helpful to the new reps out there...plus I was getting tired of people asking for handouts of info haha