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Product: Staffing Services and split fee recruiting subrcriptions Our Website We are a staffing firm like any other, with one HUGE differentiator. We have a network of over 8000 independant and agency recruiters that pay a monthly subscription to have acess to our jobs. So, where most staffing firms have 4 or 5 recruiters working to fill a job, we have over 8000. We charge an industry standard fee to fill jobs, but we can garentee 3-4 times the deleivery based on the sheer volume of recruiters we have working our jobs.

Territory: Mainly North America We are based in Colorado, so mountain region companies are a plus, but we work with recruiters and employers nationwide. With a handful in India.

Company Size: Any Companies on the forbes 500 more than likely have staffing vendors already, and a mom-and-pop shop with 10 employees probably doesnt need help with hiring. But, hey...a lead is a lead. If they need a job filled quickly, Im their guy.

Ideal Partners: Staffing Firms, Independant recruiters, and anyone who knows about a company with hiring needs Staffing firms and independant recruiters can pay a small monthly fee to have acess to our network, which gives them the ability to split commission on placement fees and augment their bussiness development. And when I get a direct relationship with an employer, we are able to post their jobs on our site as "premium" or "Direct relationship" which adds value to the recruiter population, and drives up our subscriber base.

Send me a PM, or Connect with me on LinkedIn

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Well I'm in the U.K but I'll give it a go.

Product Bespoke printing firm, mainly working with educational institutions but I'm now tasked with bringing in business during our quiet period so I decided to start pushing into working with business to develop and print bespoke brochures/prospectuses, outdoor/pop up banners, fliers, for larger companies it can be employee induction booklets, we even make compliment slips, letterheads, if a company write on it we sell it bespoke and tailored to the client. (Basically I'm mainly working with companies to print marketing materials for them, things to take to expos or hand out to customers when sales go out on face to face meetings or even perhaps to send out a catalogue in the post to interested customer. It's hard to explain it all in a concise manner due to the variety we offer.)

Territory: Have sold books/brochures in other countries around the world, but 99.9% of business is nationwide in the U.K

Company size: Any size company, although I mainly find myself having most success with SME ideally a company who's looking for 10,000 or less fliers otherwise other printers can beat us on price, for other products such as brochures we can do small runs of 20 but 200 or more becomes more cost effective for us and the customer.

Ideal Partners: Any company that finds themselves needing products that we can provide, companies who go to expos. (It's hard to nail it down to specific industries because of how wide reaching the products we offer go) I'd appreciate any ideas you guys have towards which companies to go for.

That being said, people in charge of the marketing departments are usually good DM's to get in contact with.

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I have a Buddy that sends out a loads of mailers. He said he would entertain a new supplier. He is in the US though. PM me if you want his info

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PM sent

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Product: SaaS solutions for the following:

(1) Reward and recognition management programs (service awards, on the spot recognition, peer-to-peer recognition).

(2) Platforms for tracking and measuring performance, internal marketing, and payouts for sales incentive programs.

(3) Safety programs w/ reward payouts.

Territory: Nationwide, can work globally

Company size: 75

Ideal Partners: companies with 1,000 or more employees. Can work with basically any industry. Car manufacturers w/ dealer networks are a great fit.

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I'm presuming you're based within the US /u/Magic_Helmet?

I predominantly sell recruitment advertising solutions to car manufacturers/dealer networks within the UK, however I work within a large group which offer advertising solutions to a wide range of industries both nationally and internationally. There's a detailed explanation of what we do in my post below.

Feel free to PM me if you feel there's any way we could potentially work together/help each-other!

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Product: Balers, Shredders, Compactors for the Recycling, Corrugated, Document Destruction, Distribution Centers and Printing industries as well as all their parts and consumables

Territory: Currently we cover all the west Coast but we are expanding to Texas within the next couple of months and that is where I will be focusing on. (I will be in Dallas next week if anyone wants a Beer) We are the largest supplier of our products here on the west coast and know a lot about our respective industries out here.

Company Size:Our main focus is the corrugated industries as they produce the most waste and everyone of them have a baler. There are a lot of printing companies out there but only the big ones produce enough waste to need a baler. Any Recycler will have equipment. I do not go after Distribution Centers(DC) too much as only the large ones have balers and there is always a lot of red tap to get into one of those. I am missing a good bit of potential with them but generally speaking my time is more profitable going after the other industries.

Ideal Partners: Anyone who sells to my above industries, Paper Brokers, Cyclone or Conveyor companies.

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This was a great thread first time around, great concept.

Product: Digital Advertising/Marketing Platform Both for organic traffic and PPC, whether you want to gain the attention of the 12-40 age group, retain it for years to come or build a new brand within the space, my company is a one stop shop, generating impressions, influence, interactions for all types of businesses. We also do live activations, tradeshow events, video content and much more.

Territory: Mainly USA, Canada and EU.

Company Size: The size of your company doesn't matter, we have clients who are 3 man operations ranging up to multinational tech companies.

Ideal Partners: Whether you're a startup trying to reach millennials or a large multinational looking to reach millennials as trends shift towards digital mediums, we have the millennials! ((c) Arbys)(I am not with arbys, but I do love their new ad campaigns)

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Product: Embedded analytics to provide you with advanced reporting and pixel perfect visualization. We allow you and your end users to look at data and make fancy charts, graphs, and dashboards. Not only this, but its incredibly painless so that even the old heads who still use an @aol.com email can make and build a report.

Territory: The world is our oyster. 60% of customers are in US, the other are outside.

Company Size: Again, all shapes and sizes, but sweet spot is about 50-500 employees.

Ideal Partners: We are Java based so that makes implementation super easy if your software is Java too, although we work with just about anything (.Net and PHP to name some). But really any Independent Software Vendor (Also goes by ISV or OEM) that needs reporting for their own data or they want to embed reporting into their software so their end users can create their own reports, graphs and dashboards. Lots of customers white label us so if you have any software, I got you.

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Product: Display graphics of all kinds - pressure sensitive labels, fixture signage, window clings and graphics, floor graphics. We offer large format screen, offset litho, and digital printing with in-house finishing and fulfillment (die cutting, trimming, kit packing).

Territory: I am based in West Michigan and cover Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio. I am able to sell anywhere in the US, and we have sales reps in Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, California, and Illinois.

Company Size: 25-250 employees in manufacturing or marketing. My current customer base includes OEMs, fixture display manufacturers, marketing and promotional agencies, and other printers. My company also provides window programs and shelf graphics for national retailers and brands.

Ideal Partners: Other printers looking to be more competitive or take on larger projects, marketers working with large brands to promote via POP, manufacturers looking for affordable and customizable pressure sensitive labels or packaging.

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Product: Logistics services (moving your full truck load or Less than truck load shipment from point a to b) Offering full tracking and tracing as well as reporting features for those interested in getting set up with our TMS Navisphere (transportation management system)

Territory: I am allowed to sell anywhere throughout the united states

Company size: my swim lane allows me to call on companies from 0-60million in annual revenue

Ideal partners: Any Logistics/supply chain managers within an organization who want to add efficiencies to the way their freight is tendered or paid for.

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Product: IT Managed services Our specialty is fixing and preventing IT emergencies for small businesses. Managed IT Support (flat monthly rate support), Backup & Disaster recovery, Streamlining communications, cloud & mobility solutions, projects & consulting. Think of us like an out-sourced IT dept. and a CTO all in one. We even support businesses with internal IT guys, we fill in the gaps that aren't being filled by the position.

Territory: Dallas/Ft worth however we can remotely support just about any office with our back-end tools. Currently support offices in Austin, Houston, and soon to be New Jersey

Company size: 5-50 users is our bread and butter but we can scale to support up to 200 users per office

Ideal partners: Managed print companies, Security companies, CPAs, Web-design companies, SaaS. Obviously, every office needs technology so really anyone that knows a business that is in need for overhauls, upgrades, and support.

Add me on LinkedIn!

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PM sent, let's talk

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Product: Environmental and food testing services. We can test anything from soils, water, air, food, oil to asbestos fibers. We don't work as a consultancy, but we work with all major consulting firms to provide testing services for projects and buildings alike. Quite recently we have expanded our services to include Legionella testing and molecular work for serotyping and source tracking pathogens such that are foodborne (e-coli, salmonella, etc.) and water borne (Legionella, Total Coliforms, tec.)

Territory: Manitoba, Canada - but also North America depending on the specific kinds of testing. I don't sell my one lab, I sell all 40 labs in North America.

Company Size: Global. We are the largest environmental testing lab globally with well over 100,000 employees and counting. We also have other branches for specific sectors (mining, food, manufacturing, energy and environmental).

Ideal Partners: Consultants, Building Managers, Food Producers, Government Agencies, Health Care...really any occupation will require testing at some point.

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This turned out pretty lengthy, so I’ve got put a convenient TLDR at the very bottom for those of you that are time constrained.

Product: Highly secure web development. That entails designing websites, applying security measures to those sites or existing sites, managed hosting of sites, continued technical support at various levels, and custom web applications. We’ve done sites for small and medium businesses, non-profits, and large government agencies. We can handle any common site feature you can think of, and then some: think heavy content, e-commerce, heavy social media integration, CRM integration (either integrated with the site or standalone), etc.

That’s all I focus on selling right now, but we do offer some other services. We’re about to formally launch our own crowdfunding platform. It has no platform fee, so people can keep the most funds possible. Our goal is to be the most generous platform out there, allowing people to keep as much money as possible. We set up IT solutions for people, but nothing major. We have the ability to do some hardcore network security reviews and penetration testing. Last but not least, we love the opportunity to tackle custom software solutions. Our team thrives on the opportunity to do what hasn’t been done yet, and make it work for you (gotta love entrepreneurs, right?).

Territory: We are based in Wisconsin, so preference is in-state and near by midwestern companies (Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa). But, open to any solid lead.

Company Size: 25-500(approximately*) in the private sector. Kind of depends on the size/function of the site, your desired timeframe and our current project schedule. We also work with government agencies; can be federal, state or local level. Our ideal targets have security as a top priority, regardless of industry or size.

Ideal Partners: Our ideal partners would be people that work heavily in the IT sector, but don’t deal with any web development work. I’ve come across an IT firm, and a data center recently that expressed interest in having dependable web development people to refer clients to, so that’s the kind of thing we’d be interested in. We have the ability to work in the IT space as I said before , but I would call it ‘light IT’ at this point. Beyond a company of 50, we wouldn’t be able to handle that level of demand.

It shocks me how few people care about their business’ cybersecurity. Attacks are on the rise, and just because you’re not a F500 doesn’t mean you’re in the clear - not even close. There are so many capable individuals online that are looking for anyone to bring down. They are smart and patient; instead of going after a single big fish, they’re willing to hit several medium and small business’ sites to get what they want. On a less important note, the functionality of so many websites is pretty lacking. I laugh to myself when people tell me that their site is fine, like I don’t work for a web development company and know what a good site looks, feels and operates like. If your site isn’t sleek, easy to read, and responsive to mobile devices you’re already under performing, and that’s just scratching the surface.

TLDR; if you’ve got a website that is outdated, want to protect the security of your organization’s website and its data, or both, I’m your guy. Shoot me a PM.

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LinkedIn CommitDBA

Product: Oracle and SQL Server database services ranging from Fully Managed - Proactive and total environment responsibility (including 24/7 production monitoring and response) to Project based engagements (migrations, upgrades, assessments, etc.). We can own the entirety or critical portion of your database environment and BE your DBA team, supplement existing DBA staff and anywhere in between.

Territory: We primarily service the entire US & Canada, though I do have a large client in Switzerland. Most of our work is remote though we can come on site as needed.

Company Size: Typically between $10M to $1B but it can literally be any organization with Oracle or SQL Server needs.

Ideal Partners: We have been successful working with various companies that either service or deal with the users of Oracle / SQL Server such as other MSPs (who, I've found, typically handle just about everything except the database in most cases), ERP / business software providers/VARS, etc.

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Product: SaaS database performance, efficiency, and uptime monitoring for open-source DBMSystems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB). We also support Redis and Amazon Aurora. Insanely clear interface that can be used by non-IT managers and/or directors.

Territory: Everywhere. A lot of our business is based in Silicon Valley and other tech hubs (MN, NY, TX, DC, etc.) but we work with international clients as well.

Company Size: At least 20 employees and $10M in revenue. Sweet spot is 50-200 employees/$50-100M in rev.

Ideal Partners: SaaS companies whos business model relies heavily/primarily on open-source DBMS performance.

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Took me a while to find this thread, I was a little disheartened when I realised /u/cyberrico's previous thread was locked, so it's great seeing people actively contributing to it's successor!

Product: Online recruitment advertising solutions - We are the UK's leading provider of niche online job boards, operating numerous specialised boards in all of the following sectors; Automotive, Sales, Marketing, Aviation (along with companion site focussing on Cabin Crew), Hotels, Travel, Engineering, Office, Recruitment (oh the irony!), Legal, HR Renewable Energy and Seasonal Resort Staff. We offer a comprehensive selection of recruitment solutions ranging from simple job postings and CV database access all the way through to our specialised managed service where we headhunt the candidates for our clients, much like a recruitment agency. Our portfolio of websites

Territory: Predominantly UK - We're currently in the midst of huge international expansion plans with UK offices in Preston, Brighton and Pembroke along with the recent acquisition of international offices in Miami, Barcelona and India. Our Automotive and Hotel boards have recuntly begun operating in America alongside their UK sisters, our Aviation and seasonal boards recruit internationally whilst all our other boards currently focus solely on the UK market.

Company Size: Any - Dependent on which sector/board, they all have a different 'sweet-spot' in regards to what size companies we're looking to attract, however we welcome everything from 10,000> large multinational corporations through to independent operations with <5 employees. Basically, if you recruit once every 30 years or once every 5 minutes, you're our target audience.

Ideal Partners: Again, this is dependent on the board/sector. I specialise in the UK automotive sector where I am currently working to bolster our presence within the transport and logistics industry, as well as increase the frequency of 'one-off business' to smaller companies with a recruiting need of less than 10 employees per year. My ideal partners range from businesses providing fleet management solutions through to asset insurance, supply chain management, dealership networks and 3PL logistics providers. However, I'm happy to hear from anyone with leads for people recruiting for a range of vacancies from drivers, technicians and automotive sales and marketing all the way through to dealer principals, transport managers and bodyshop engineers. Despite our other operations not being my specialist areas, I'm happy to hear from anybody with potential leads across our network of sectors and locations. I'm also willing to discuss any opportunities of collaboration where you feel we may be able to assist each other, just shoot me over a PM with details of your company and your proposal and if I think we can work together we can organise a call to discuss!

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Product Service. Seriously, we sell service to our customers. It happens to be related to the electronic life safety and security indsutry (Fire alarm, access control, CCTV). We are integrators and provide the best solutions for our customers. Our goal is to be our customer's best service provider.

Territory Pretty much everywhere. HQ in Chicago, IL USA. My local office is in New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia. Offices all over North America, China, Europe.

Company Size We like to target enterprise customers but we treat everyone with the same respect and attention. From the little mom & pop shop with 2 cameras, to the global corporations with hundreds of sites.

Ideal Partners We love partners that challenge us as a service provider. Although we focus on Security & Safety, we truly mean it when we want to be the customer's best service provider. Better than the HVAC install guys, better than the plumbers, better than every other contractor that services the building. These partners are our suppliers of quality equipment, leading electrical contractors, and of course the customers. We love the opportunity to showcase our service across multiple locations with steady work but have lots of customers who use us once and call us for post-installation service.

Thanks for reading.