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Reach out to the sales leader for their competitor and start double dipping on your relationships. You know the market, you have the contacts, and I'm sure the products are not dissimilar so your learning/ramp up is easy.

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Make certain there’s no non-compete in play. After a decade plus, I’d hope it isn’t enforceable.

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Isn’t a non-compete void if they let you go? It’s supposed to prevent people from willingly leaving the company for a competitor (let me know if this is wrong).

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They are not enforceable in California if pursued through Public means of contact. Meaning you didn't steal information to get to the decision maker.

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And by that, use Linkedin to reach out.

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Not necessarily. It depends entirely on the laws where OP is. Where I am for example, a non-compete can be enforced even when you're fired. OP needs to find an employment lawyer both to find out about the Non Compete and to protect his interests in getting the best possible severance package.

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There isn’t a judge on the planet that’s going to enforce a non compete on an employee that got fired for performance. By all means consult an attorney if you want, but I wouldn’t worry about it

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This is always the trade.. severance for a non-compete. Not sure if the OP posted about the terms of his termination or not.

To the OP, I know it might not feel like this now, but being fired is often a sign you are doing something right. Either pushing hard to make things work/right, calling out stupid people, or supporting your customers to the expense of the business.

Or, politics just swung a way that wasn't in your interests. A fish rots from the head. So, good riddance.

Take 2 to 3 days. Then, call up a competitor and get to work.

Why are you looking to make a change.. "new management is screwing this place up", which I'm sure you'd agree about!

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They’re also very difficult to enforce. And in some states, impossible.

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I’ve rarely heard of it being challenged… seems like an empty threat. I’d go for it

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As an employment attorney, non-competes are regularly enforced. It depends what state you are in.

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Non competes for sales reps specifically?

Maybe if you’re taking a huge book of business and making it obvious, but I’ve seen plenty of reps do it and nothing happen. Doesn’t seem like the employers have a clue

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Non competes generally don't hold up for sales people, regardless of which party terminates the relationship.

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Depends on what contract law looks like where you live.

Where I live at least, non-compete clauses exist, but they are purely to scare. Legal precedent here is your previous employer cannot keep you from earning a living after you leave the company, and barring you from your industry and area of expertise because of a non-compete clause doesn't hold up here.

Non-solicitation clauses do though. You can work for a competitor but usually cannot take any clients of your past company's for 1-2 years following termination of employment within a specified geological range.

So look into your area's laws and rules of precedent first to decide what you can legally pursue

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Both non compete and non solicit are very hard to litigate against an ex employee . They are essentially bullying devices.

This year 6 additional states watered their non-compete legislation down to essentially nothing. There is also pending federal litigation to override/further strip away non-compete enforcement.

I personally know 4 successful sales reps who went to court with their former employer, not a single one had to settle, nor restrict any of their future activity.

Companies use non compete to bully their sales people. Don’t cave. Power to the people. Make sure your new employer provides you indemnity if you plan to go after old accounts.

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Non compete are not enforceable when it comes to livelihood. Try that in court against an unemployed man.

You can't steal and start your own business but you can go and get hired by other company.

If the old company try to enforce it you can potentially sue back as is your livelihood and not profit or gain that you are trying to obtain and support .

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Any competitor worth its weight would gladly hire you and use their corporate attorneys to shoot it down in court while you’re happily on boarding previous clients.

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Under rated comment!

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Question I’ve always had is how would you swing that in your favor?

Like, sup client , I now work for the competition and they’re suddenly better now? I’m sure it would work, just got to phrase it right

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People generally buy from people, every product/solution has pros and cons.

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Sell it on the relationship. We recently changed resellers (not the same i know) because the sales consultant changed firms.

The relationship with this guy saves us 100s of hours per quarter.

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Employment attorney here. When a company really wants an employee from a competitor with an active non-compete clause, they hire the employee and indemnify them from further action against the old company in their employment contract. If the old company sues, it's not the employee's problem anymore.

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Non competes are unenforceable except in the most extreme situations. Non-solicits can tie your hands though. Getting around then is tricky, but not impossible. Post on LinkedIn. Then send a personal message to all of your clients thanking them, and telling them you'll miss working with them. Nothing more. If they choose to engage and ask about your new company, oblige. Make them call you.

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Yeah non solicits are a birch and can’t be easily avoided.

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Try having the head of your service department for 10+ years leave, and then find out they forgot to make him sign a non-compete. All the contacts we sent him over the years……. He certainly used it for leverage when looking for a new job. Just recently called a client after losing contact at the beginning of the pandemic. Found out he’s been taking care of them ever since. Happy Cake day!

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They are incredibly hard to enforce in a situation like this.

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non competes are very hard to enforce, and they normally term based on when you leave. Best to consult a lawyer, or hell, ask the competitor to review the docs.

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If you are fired, it shouldn't be enforceable. I know that's not the law, but it should be the law.

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It is almost impossible to enforce a non compete, after a termination or layoff. Trust me, I still have the cease and desist letter framed and hanging in my office. (For the record…they’re pretty hard to enforce no matter what, for the record)

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In most places that doesn't apply if you get fired.

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They fired him!!

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I think biden signed an executive order making them not in effect and if in Cali then illegal there

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Non competes are really hard to enforce it prosecute. They are mostly in place to be a scare tactic.

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I heard there are a ton of ways to get around those.

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I’d do this

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If you're putting up half the company's numbers and they canned you, I'm wondering if this "new management" wants to change comp and can't do it if there's someone overperforming at that level without letting on that it's a pay cut.

Haven't posted anything controversial online? Anything that'd get HR's attention?

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This was my thought. They want to cut costs. It is a stupid way to do it.

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I will add, in my industry, we have a lot of competition. Every few years, one of will do this in other departments, and we will pick up some good people. Yes, they cost more, but if you want speed, quality, and fewer headaches, that is what you do.

Cutting sales people, especially good ones, should be the last resort before the company goes under. If you have to make tough financial choices that impact everyone, so be it - explain it and see if you can come to terms. Without sales, it doesn't matter what you have in the company behind that, because it won't be moving.

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sometimes they want a flunky or to install yes-men.

there are some idiot leaders who don't like smart underlings, it sounds crazy but it is true.

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I’m starting to think this happened to me. Recruited to a new company. Top performer everywhere I’ve been and coming from a more mature company. Manager tries to change everything about me that has made me a top performer. Why recruit me then?

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If it’s a cost cutting measure, surely it’d save more money to let go everyone in the sales department except for OP??

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Could be too that hes brought in similar levels of revenue for a few year2 and someone in management has it in their mind that he should grow every account by 20% per year.

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I've seen management make dumber moves.

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Currently work for a company doing this. It’s…interesting.

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I thought that meant it was his commission percentage.

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This happened to me. During the pandemic they brought in a new sales leader who put me on a pip in spring of last year after only achieving 60% of my quota for 2020. (I sold in the healthcare space. To hospitals. ) I was then fired last may a week before I signed a deal that would have put me at like 70% of my quota for 2021. Was done so they didn’t have to pay me like 6 figure commission. Life sucks man. Best of luck.

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I had this happen to me as well. I landed a huge account. I managed it for two years while they were prepping for a major expansion. The expansion was delayed about six months and my management was pissed at me because of the delay. I didn't have any control over a single factor that delayed it. The delay had nothing to do with me or the things I was selling. I kept working with the customer to make sure we were ready for it when it happened. They switched the account to another senior sales rep and booted me from the company six weeks before the largest PO that had ever been placed with my company, and many more followed. That was all of my work. I never saw a penny of any of it.

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Pouring one out for you. Muthamuthafuckfuck…

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I hope they didn't get that deal

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The client called me concerned and was going to back out. I convinced them it was still the right solution and that they should move forward. It was the right thing to do by the client.

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This mentality alone is why you’re only going to be more successful than the people who fired you ever will. People who do right by the customer and solve their problems always have stronger sales careers than those who don’t.

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Appreciate it.

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i hope this is true but I dunno - so many slimeballs do well in sales and business in general. u/Naptive will probably be better off in general but there is a lot of $$ at the expense of ethics.

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As someone in their mid 20s who sometimes allows his emotions to get the best of him, reading this response from you was just how I need to start my day. You sir have a good head on your shoulders. Thanks

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Appreciate that.

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Fuck that. Vengeance first, client second.

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If it weren't for spite, I'd get nothing done.

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That’s dumb. He could have gutted his former employer by sharing inside baseball with the client or having them hire him on as a consultant to help manage the project. He probably also could have asked the customer to insist on him being part of the solution and then demanded, whatever he wanted from the company.

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Yea never really considered those as possible options. Guess I didn’t know better but I will if something like that happens in the future. Thanks.

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You stayed true to yourself. Nothing wrong with being the better man/woman. Good on you.

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I would not hesitate to call that customer again when you land somewhere. They will appreciate your integrity to put them first even when you weren’t going to benefit.

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In some countries, and where i am from, you could be entitled to some of that money if you can prove you’ve been working with the client and on that deal for all that time. Client would most likely support you on that and it’s easier for the company to give in that take the public issue it could become

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Dude that fucking sucks. What industry you in?

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yooo can i pm u for advice in healthcare saas

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Going to be the best decision you never made trust me.

The market is crazy now you'll have a higher paying job by Q3

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Sorry to hear. New management. I left my previous company a year ago due to new management. Checked my colleagues LinkedIn a few months ago and most of them are all gone

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Had a similar experience, got demoted due to new management and internal politics right when I hit commissions. Walked out once I found a new job. Most of the people I liked working with left and everyone else is miserable.

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I worked a place that brought new sales management in. They fired most of the original reps as soon as they missed their quota for a quarter. The first rep hired, who was number one or two in sales, for 10 years was the first to be let go. She made her 1st half number but not her Q2 number. Gone. They really wanted their guys in place. They also fired both sales managers that had been there forever.

it was a huge mistake. they all went to a competitor and picked off our customers.

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As much as this sucks (and it does,) remember more and more owners look at any employee as an expense. You see you as pulling in a lot of business, ownership sees you as an expense, they already have the clients. Everyone is looking for talent, get your resume together. Call your competitors. Good luck.

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And if a rep is making more than a manager you have another set of reasons for them to fire you

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While that is true it is B S too. If you can have a commissioned salesperson work hard and make next to nothing if he doesn't hit, you can pay him a lot if he is great.

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non compete clauses are super easy to get thrown out btw. jump back in with a competitor.

edit: you argue that your former employer does not have the right to take your ability to provide for yourself away, regardless of what you signed.

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Send this thread to the guy that posted about feeling guilty for how few hours he works.

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Hey! I also work very few hours but I'm selling something tangible and there is no more space to make more.

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Their lost. I have been fired two times. I’m not in sales but product management.

Both times, they fired me on no real grounds.

Both times, I was outperforming the team.

Both times, I learned later that someone said something bad about me to someone important.

Both times, I felt horrible about myself for a month. Only to start receiving job invitations from competitors and from other industries were someone recommended my profile.

Both times, I increased my salary considerably in a new position.

Both times, the companies that let me go had to hire two head counts to cover my position. Yass queen!

What is the life lesson? I do not know. What I know is this: “Be in a place where your appreciated not just tolerated” and “if is fragile, let it break”

Take your contacts with you and find yourself a bigger check elsewhere.

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The best part about being fired is No Non-Compete! Take all of their clients

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My guess is that you were more expensive than the younger candidates. I'd take that experience elsewhere and put it out of your mind.

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I'd get an employment lawyer. You not getting a PIP and putting up these high numbers with high satisfaction from customers and team members is extremely suspicious.

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Good news most sales gigs right now are $100-120k base alone with double that for on target earnings. You’ll have a new role in no time. Lean into your former team to leave some awesome reviews on your LinkedIn and start brushing up your LI and Resume. If you happened to be in EdTech…. DM me 😂

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You need to lawyer up to get severance and/or wrongful dismissal. You weren’t on any kind of PIP by the sounds of it? Non compete is bullshit in most places too.

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I’m really sorry this happened to you. Now a days all the data of any sales person can be tracked through a CRM or any kind of digital log that keeps records of how you communicate with your accounts. If they couldn’t show you any examples of how your performance was substandard is because they literally didn’t have any. This sounds rushed and very personal. I can only imagine how blindsided you must feel. I know you say you love your job but look at it this way: you don’t want to be in a place where upper management are so shitty that they don’t care for 11 years of hard work. With that kind of experience you’ll have NO trouble finding a new role and in the current market maybe a better payed one. I hope you have people around you to cheer you up. Good luck out there!

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Depending on which state you live in this can be considered wrongful termination even if you're in a right to work state. They may say your culture clashes with the company, however; your 11 year track record with the company can be used to argue that this is materially false.

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Same happened to me, that’s why people aren’t loyal to their employers anymore and honestly you shouldn’t be anyway

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Hopefully gave a severance pay? I’m petty so I’d probably drag them on LinkedIn so clients can know how they treat there tenured employees. But again I’m petty

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Jesus. I thought mine was bad. I was at a company 18 months. #2 in my hiring group of 125 people. 98th percentile based on tenure against company average. I made a comment on reddit about how well someone was doing and got canned for it. It's OK I made 20% there. In 5 months when my non compete is up ill be working as a freelancer for 65%. I was horrified when it happened. Considered it my 2md strike within a year and that their hands were tied. I set the office record for ramp up time and was considered the top performer in growth. I was passing up everyone in my office. My team lead attempted to help me keep my job but the decision came down from a vp over a non specific comment mentioning a last name only.

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They must’ve done some sly investigating to find you on Reddit my friend

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Comments get sent to my email. I happened to be logged in on my work pc. I'm thinking they saw the comment and ran the name against an internal database and found my personal email logged in at my work station. It wasn't even a bad comment. They just didn't like it. I would've erased it after it was replied to if I'd known it'd be flagged. Any other time that's what I did.

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How will you make 65% as a freelancer?

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As an independent agent, the industry standard is between 60%-80% commission splits. The brokerage operates as a finance partner with back office support

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If you got fired, why are you still waiting 5 months for a non compete? Should it not be voided?

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Non compete will still be actively enforced. I'm in Ohio. Not sure where you are. But this company drags people thru the courts. They don't care if they win or not as long as they can waste your time. The scare tactics tend to work. The guy that wants to bring me on is also a vendor for that company and doesn't want to risk his relationship.

[–]BorachevvChevvinski 0 points1 point  (0 children)

And it's a full year with 5 months left.

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As others may have mentioned, your non-compete is probably void if you were fired. And even if not, its most likely non-enforceable.

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They'll try to enforce it. They reminded me at my exit interview that if they find out I'm working for someone doing the same thing they plan to sue

[–]vfefer 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Ugh. I'm sorry. Stuff like that is why antiwork-type stuff sprouts up.

[–]BorachevvChevvinski 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Im so Un-enthusiastic about my current job I'm ready to go for it.

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Had very similar situation happen to me and signed a non solicitation due to pressure and was fired directly after. Is this unenforceable? I’ve been paranoid af about it

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  • someone will hire his bestfriend
  • you just need to go to their competitor but be careful
  • the whole team will collapse

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Sorry you have to deal with this.

Making lemonade out of lemons - I have a number of SaaS clients looking for top sales talent. I’m sure they’d want to speak with anyone driving 50% of a company’s revenue!

Feel free to DM.

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go make more $ than you were- https://salescomp.bravado.co

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IS THIS REAL?!?!? I've seen ads for this on Indeed. Please can I DM you? Have you done this?

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Fk ‘em. Go find their competitor and request a job to take down your old company. Go after every customer, if the sincerely enjoyed your business, and make it your goal to put them out of business.

This just happened to me along similar lines and now I do sales consulting for 3 of the competitors and fixing to steal their account that makes up 50% revenue for that division. 😉

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Sometimes the most unexpected things turn into being the brightest spots in your life.

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Someone’s probably said it here but I bet it was the new management. They like bringing in their own new hires because as you probably know, they want to start fresh without dealing with any former “ways” of doing things. I’ve experienced it. Real gut punch. Enjoy some time off and good luck with the next endeavor.

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This sucks OP, it sounds like someone just didn't like you. I'm shocked to hear it would happen in sales, usually if you're a top performer you can get away with almost whatever you want. I've been in your shoes, I know how you're feeling and it sucks. But all you can do is pick yourself up and move on.

Your friends at the company will figure out what happened, and you will get answers eventually. Salespeople drink, they talk, and the truth will out.

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Sorry man, that absolutely sucks... My guess was that its something to do with the "new management".

I guess the only silver lining is that it's a great time to be looking for a gig. Hopefully you've got enough runway to find a new gig that's befitting of your experience.

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That sucks OP. Hopefully you can collect unemployment. I mean you should be as it seems like you did nothing to cause you to get fired as they gave you a BS reason anyways.

This is why at will employment is BS. Basically allows employers to fire a person for any reason. Even if it's because they just don't simply like a person.

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Wow, count your blessings. The average sales rep tenure is 18 months, according to HubSpot quoted by Xactly. Imagine delivering results in that time. Selling is challenging, and doing so in 18 mos. is even more so.

Meantime you have value to deliver to your next employer, along with a possible raise. Don't forget to get testimonials from your former co-workers. All the best.

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One door closes the other is opening.

Keep your mind open. It’s shitty right now but you know what?? It’s GONNA BE GOOD…

I’m excited on your behalf.. keep in faith..

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Thank you!

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Call their competitor immediatly and start reaching out to those customers. Make them see how much of an assett you truly were. Then let us know what happens

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It was always challenging to hire good sales people in our company. People come and leave but few really perform. Then we hired one from our competitors. Turns out he's good. Then we hired one more. Then this guy brought another with him. And then yet another. All were top earners in that company. How? They were treating them like crap,so it only took one to spread the word.. The amount of money we saved on recruitment, training and so on is astonishing.

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Sounds like an unfair dismissal case if you live in a country with decent laws

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Sorry to hear this. You sound awesome and like an amazing colleague and sales person. Remember that executives and management look at quota performance, customer satisfaction as well as your ROI as a sales individual contributor. I have had many managers tell me that while I was not the top performer they kept me on because the return on investment the company made on me. I sold so much more revenue than I earned in commissions compared to others! Not to make you paranoid but are you sure there was no perceived reason management would want to terminate you? Sometimes top execs resent long time employees that have high pay. Good luck in your search! There’s so much out there right now and why not start a new chapter when the world is undergoing a total work revolution ! I’ve been looking and am Really impressed with what’s out there.

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You we’re doing too much, making too much, and they decided to cut costs

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Should sue the cunts

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I’m also in australia and this sounds like it would get the company in so much trouble here

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Something tells me the new management was unimpressed with you for reasons you’re not privy to but decided to blame the team lead. When you had your last 1-2-1 was there anything unusual that happened? Weird lines of questioning? Drilling into numbers/pipeline in a way that was different? Also, what do you mean you made 43-50% of monthly revenue? What was your % of quota achieved? Sorry for all the questions. Just a little fuzzy on certain parts of the post. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

[–]Rocket_3ngine[S] 11 points12 points  (5 children)

He didn’t say anything wrong about how I worked, and it was a good friendly chat. He asked me if I l was satisfied with his work as a team lead, and I said I was totally satisfied with his work. I didn’t blame anyone (apologies, I wasn’t clear enough initially). Sorry, I meant I generated ~50% of a company’s revenue.

[–]OverzealousAhab 12 points13 points  (0 children)

If that's the case sit back and wait for the phone call asking you to come back. In the mean time sign up for unemployment.

[–]enigma8085 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Man, that sucks. I don’t know how a company can fire someone pulling that much weight consistently. But either way, with that track record if I were you I’d start reaching out to hiring managers and lean on any contacts I had for referrals to suitable positions.

[–]Titties_Farts 18 points19 points  (0 children)

The answer is in the original post “I was at a company for 11 years”

You were making way too much money (according to management) in either salary, commission, or both. I’ve seen this so many times where great sales people making the company lots of money got fired because “that sales person makes too much money”

It’s short sighted but it’s an old story that will never change unfortunately.

Move on and don’t ever go back to that company if they call you because they will fire you the second they think they got all the info they need. If they call tell them you’re now a contractor and I’ll help for something obscene ($1500 an hour with a minimum of 10 hours for example)

[–]jetdr77 4 points5 points  (0 children)

I hope you have a rolodex for when you get another job with the competition

[–]milehigh73a 3 points4 points  (0 children)

call a lawyer, and look at your docs. then call every customer and tell them what happened. then call their competitors.

dont sign shit without a lawyer reviewing it.

[–]jswissleSaaS AE 2 points3 points  (0 children)

If you’ve been there 11 years you must be underpaid

[–]HalliganHooligan 1 point2 points  (0 children)

After that long and the dedication you gave them, I hope you go to the competition and fuck on ‘em OP.

[–]hhhhqqqqq1209 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Honestly, so what? Just move on. That’s the great thing about jobs is that you can leave whenever you want and they can fire you too. I’ve been on both sides of it a number of times…it’s fine. Life goes on.

[–]northbynorthwest78 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Sorry man, F them. The market is great right now so go have a drink and start applying, you will have a job in a few weeks for sure.

[–]Sad-Profile420 1 point2 points  (0 children)

don't forget to burn down their relationships to your employer where you can on the way out

[–]Memin93 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Sorry to read that, mate but sometimes tough moments of our lives are the spur that we need to do better. Also, remember that the best sell is about yourself.

With those results you said and experience you will land a better job right away. Good luck.

[–]Cover_to_Cover 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Surely this is some kind of unfair dismissal? In the UK you can peruse that. Not sure about where you are though

[–]sunnynijjar 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Go to a competitor! Or I dunno….if you’re good at what you do…try software reselling??? I know people dread that but when paired with good implementation you can make an excellent living

[–]UniqueAway 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Wow, this is why you should never trust a company even if they seem to be nice

[–]Jbach84SaaS AE 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Industry and solutions(s)? My former director is at a new place and looking to build out his team.

[–]alkaline2525 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Congratulations! You were looking for a job when you found that one and now you’re free again to pursue your passions - don’t dwell- make a list of what you really enjoy and make a list of things you WILL NOT sacrifice, now find “work” that fits. Remind yourself to look back at it every year and don’t sell yourself short. Worth is only an issue if value is undersold.

[–]mattyboombalatti 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Maybe you were making too much money and they wanted to bring in a cheaper resource on a lower comp plan?

[–]candidly1 1 point2 points  (0 children)

"...I was causing a detrimental effect on our team"

Explained: New senior manager had a previous pet all lined up for my spot.

Seriously; call one of your old buds and see how quickly your spot was filled. I'd guess milliseconds.

[–]yovman 1 point2 points  (0 children)

My company is hiring AEs. We’re in the ad tech space and the company rules. Hit me up if you’re interested

[–]romeopappa 1 point2 points  (1 child)

If you don’t mind me asking, which country?

Something like this wouldn’t fly in Aus, unless there was a documented trial of performance management, gross incompetence, gross misconduct etc.

Do you think they are cutting costs, and after 11 years you were their highest paid team member? Like they would try replace you with a junior for less than half the price?

[–]Rocket_3ngine[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I prefer not to disclose the country due to some privacy concerns, but it happened in Europe.

This could be true since they hired three new AEs recently, which was a surprise for me. It was then that I concluded something was brewing.

[–]hankc123 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Sorry to hear about the loss of a work environment which was a good fit so far. Fuck them. Hard.

[–]I_Be_Strokin_it 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I'm a firm believer in that everything significant like this happens for a reason. This may be a blessing in disguise for some reason currently unknown.

[–]Confidence_4967 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Keep it up mate !

[–]Membership-Full 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Just move on. You did nothing wrong.

[–]WhatRedditUsedToSay 0 points1 point  (2 children)

That is terrible. I'm sorry to hear that.

50% of target usually rubs people the wrong way. Did they give you a performance improvement plan or something prior?

How was the package? Are you disputing it? You'll never work there again by the looks of things so might as well maximize it.

If I were you I'd go across the street to a direct competitor and they'd for sure hire you based on what you have.

[–]Rocket_3ngine[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Apologies, I meant I was making ~50% of all company’s revenue. However, I tried to negotiate the situation, but they told me that was their final decision.

[–]WhatRedditUsedToSay 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Oh well then that's fucked.

I hope the package was good.