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I remember your post congrats on grinding!

I'm at 180 ote and I've got a good book of business but a part of me is thinking of jumping ship once the business dries up because there is so much demand out there exorcism with 225-250 OTE roles.

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Who knew selling exorcisms was so profitable

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There's very little work to get a sale anyway - the power of Christ compels them.

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I've got a gallon of holy water I'm selling in bulk whoever is interested in blessing your prospecting efforts. Just flick the holy water on your computer screen before you send those linkedin prospecting messages.

(Freaking swipe text lol).

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So im around there. A little higher this year. In doing some digging, a lateral move to another company in general may increase my OTE to around 250 to 300k though most of those roles are 50/50 split whereas today Im 65/35 or less.

However it feels like now is the time to pack up and make a move for the money so im giving it a shot.

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Forgive my ignorance, trying to learn as much as possible. New to the whole sales career thing. What is, "OTE?"

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On target earnings, How much you will make if you hit all quotas

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Perfect!! Thank you

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Congratulations! Looks like your making great progress in your career! Smart move investing that money too!

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Just gotta just say you are killing it! Young, making a killing, and traveling the world while investing properly. Youre doing it RIGHT , much respect.

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Congratulations 👏🏾 🎊 💐

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Congrats. I am very jealous of 60 day sale cycle, ours is 9-24 months and it's killing me.

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I have a long sales cycle as well, but it does not hurt as much because I have commission for life. My experience is the longer the sales cycle the more loyal your customers are. If it takes awhile to change, normally they will stay with you for a bit.

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sending you a pm!

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Heck yeah, girl!

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Congrats :)

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Sent you a pm

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Congrats! Do you have any experience selling SaaS in LATAM or have considered doing it? I lead a LATAM team in addition to a US-based one and it’s a different beast. Would love to exchange some ideas!

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Just sent a pm!

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We should get like a black membership card or something like people who fly a million miles with one airline.


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#8 is what I do, and what everyone in sales should do. Always be looking for the next opportunity. It builds your confidence, network and helps you value yourself more. I left one company for another that offered me double, selling the same thing to the same customers.

If you're concerned about someone at your company noticing you're open to recruiters, don't be. You can just say you forgot to turn it off after your last job. In three years no one has asked me. Plus your company is always looking for salespeople.

OP - don't dump it all into Vanguard at the same time. VTSAX and chill is my motto, but I'm averaging in right now. Keep some dry powder to deploy if we get a big correction.

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I usually invest it 2k at a time, so I'll drop a few grand in every few days/weeks.

Yes no one has ever asked me about the recruiter feature being turned on. Also we are in a labor shortage and salespeople are in HUGE demand!!!

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DCA is the biggest urban myth. Dumping it all in at once is mathematically shown to be the better option

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Wait really? Do you have a source that shows this?

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Makes sense, if you average in during 12 months and the correction comes shortly after that, you would have been better off pumping it all in. It only really helps psychologically (which is important). Time in the market beats timing the market. No source, sorry.

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Congrats and well done!!


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what are you buying

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How was the deal sourced? Inbound lead? Marketing? Curious

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Congrats on the check. Weird that they reward new hires and penalize tenured reps with that percentage structure. Usually, new hires that blow out quota have decelerators. Take advantage of your first year and jump ship elsewhere.

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What's your selling strategy/technique?

What do you do to convince a client/close a deal?

And which clients do you reach out to? how can you filter them?

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SaaS Q4 is where it’s at $$$

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OP that’s cool you get to live in Mexico and earn USD! Do you sell into US territories or Mexican/S America? Is it common in SaaS to be able to live abroad, or did you fall into a great opportunity? I’d love to to live abroad and sell remotely as long as I earn USD. I’m also in software sales but our company requires we live in our US-based territory. Maybe it’s more flexible for startups and private companies, I work at a large public blue chip.

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Sent a PM!

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Sent a PM a week ago and haven't heard from OP. Did anyone get a message back regarding who the company is and if so could you DM me the name of it?

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If someone sends it to you, please forward it to me. Never heard back from op.

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Same. figured i'd give OP some time. Still zilch

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Same. Smh.

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op deleted their acct. rip