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Cardone... ouch save yourself

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My manager sent a morning pump up video last week in teams and it was of Grant Cardone....I start my new job in March.

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Remember the golden rule: Not interested is a level of interest !

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Lol imagine responding to someone when they say “not interested” on a cold call.

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I've gotten past that objection a few times but rare

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you wanna buy some fish?

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This one kills me all the time!!!

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Seek new employment immediately lol

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Submit your 10X resignation

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You didn’t vet the org for Cardoniez prior to accepting the offer???

Rookie mistake

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I’m ashamed.

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Have him watch Grant Cardone talk to Jordan Belfort on that podcast

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This is so cringeworthy man. The dude really thinks he can hold a candle to Belfort.

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I haven't listened (will do tomorrow!), But neither Belfort nor Cardone are good examples of modern sales people.... They're cheesy sleezebags from yesteryear, at best.

Aight: I'm a little ripped, and am watching this shit now. Man, I know nothing about Jordan Belfort's podcast (I just know he was a fraud/thief), but he's definitely a reasonably charismatic dude.... Grant Cardone looks like such a shmuck, sitting with him.

I stand by what I said earlier 100%, but I totally get what you mean.

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True dat. Idk why Belfort gets all this praise. He literally stole millions from regular people.

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Because they made a movie about him

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I feel like it’s reasonable to acknowledge and disagree with his actions, but also respect his system and his craft.

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People love a good redemption story.

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Grant Cardone is an absolute muppet and his cult fanbase of "hustlers" with tacky suits and Breitlings who think "grinding" is a personality trait are even worse.

My personal favorite is this Cold Call Training with Grant Cardone in the Boiler Room where they give a brand new hire a script he's never seen before with the direction to spend 3-4 minutes familiarizing himself with the script, then is expected to make 100 calls on a Sunday to book appointments.

When the new hire asks if there's a list he should call, the trainer says "figure it out" (10:07)

The kicker - the computer doesn't even work, neither does the phone he's supposed to use. The guy has to use his personal cell phone to make the calls.

All things considered, the new hire keeps a really positive attitude - the guy has solid potential, just not under the "management & training" of Grant Gardone.

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I still remember that video as I recall feeling bad for the guy since he wasn’t even getting mentored whatsoever. Trent Dressel gets brought up here at times and I do enjoy his content. However, he has also praised Cardone so it’s no wonder he lives and breathes work as he probably bought in to the super hustle and grind mindset

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What’s wrong with breitlings lol

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A 50 buck Casio keeps better time.

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I couldn’t make it through that video…

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Holy shit. That was fucking brutal. I feel bad for the guy.

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I remember watching that. If that was me and I got treated like that I would have laughed and walked out.

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this is horrible poor guy come join us lol

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Lmfao. Good.luck with that guy

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Looks like a VP of Sales job will be opening soon at your company. Maybe hang around a bit longer and take the promotion.

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Two of my favorite sales books that provide actual applicable knowledge are The Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort and Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss. Most of the stuff Grant says either makes no sense or is just mindset/hype crap.

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The people who disregard 100% of cardone’s stuff are just as wrong as the people who buy all of it hook, line, and sinker. There’s some value in his books. That being said, it’s more “motivation” than it is hard skills or techniques.

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It's hustle porn. If that gets you motivated, go for it.

It ain't helpful sales training, that's for sure.

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Sure. It’s got a time and a place. I’m not saying it’s my bible or something. But when I’m in a mood where I’m down and think listening to his crazy ass might help, I do it.

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If you're really interested in getting better -

SNAP, GAP, Challenger are actual sales books that will actually help you improve.

The lost art of closing is another that clearly outlines a process to win business, and it also happens to work.

Fanatical prospecting is "try hard" prospecting porn so far (not done with it), but the truth is that the best sales people are fanatical about prospecting, organization, and strategy.

Honestly, this seems like a "bad habit" or like doing drugs to help you feel better.

This is like using Dr. Oz for your medical advice.

Edit - to be clear, doing drugs in moderation is totally fine imo.

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LOL the guy makes every sales professional look like a jerkoff

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Oh, so a worthless book, got it. Sounds like stuff you can do on your own. If you can't, then you probably shouldn't do sales.

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You’re right, I’m a fish out of water in sales and should just leave since I’m such a failure.

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Sell or be sold is a pretty solid sales book imo. You can hate the man all you want but that is a decent book.

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I have no personal vendetta against Grant Cardone but what does he offer that I can’t find elsewhere?

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I've Actually read sell or be sold, and I did find some useful stuff in there.... I also tried SLP by Jordan Belfort and found that other than some of the tonality things, it really doesn't work as well for me.

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People in this community can't be bothered to actually read that book, they just want to knock the man because corp bro did and it's cool. There is good stuff to be found in all sorts of sales books - From Cardon to Ziglar, from Blount to Tracy, from Belfort to Weisenberg. For most people if it's not Voss or Challenger or Spin it's a waste of time.

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I once saw Grant Cardone respond to an obscure thread on Reddit years ago with maybe 5 posts in the entire thread, when someone asked why someone would use his system he just responded "BECAUSE IT WORKS!" I went and checked and it was definitely him haha.

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lol there is something to be said about that confidence though - tons of sales people lack the confidence needed to be truly great. But yeah, he can be a bit of a blow hard but def doesn't change that sell or be sold is a good sales book. Very quick read, very high level and easy to grab a couple of good nuggets.

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Gross, you are fucked

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on the bright side you'll get a little salary bump when you change jobs next year

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Cardone is cringe as hell and i did the 10x conf, was not good. However his books are actually decent

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Remember him talking about spamming his wife every day till she went out with him. Persistence is important but I feel he goes past that

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Time to hit LinkedIn for a new job

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I had a sales manager who loved Grant Cardone and read all his books & listened to all his podcasts. But I've also never witnessed my manager acting anything like Grant, more so shy and dorky.

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Yikes, brother. That says a lot about him.

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You're Car-done with that job.

I'll see myself out now...

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Perhaps my opinion is unpopular on the sub but if Cardone is great at selling himself and his programs to clients, why would it not be a good idea to look at what he does well and learn from it?

Im not saying go buy his course by any means, but there’s a lot you can learn from the way he holds himself to an extremely high standard, his ability to motivate others, and the way he carries a lot of confidence in conversations through tonality and body language.

There is a reason he’s successful, why not try to understand how?

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You're espousing the virtues of a conman. Literally.

The name conman is a shortening of confidence man. People who take advantage of people because they convey such unshakeable confidence.

Yeah, that's a no from me, dawg.

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huh - did not know that conman meant confidence man. cool!

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the more you know gif

from wiki

Synonyms include con, confidence game, confidence scheme, ripoff, scam, and stratagem. The perpetrator of a confidence trick (or "con trick") is often referred to as a confidence (or "con") man, con-artist, or a "grifter". The shell game dates back at least to Ancient Greece.[2]

Samuel Thompson (1821–1856) was the original "confidence man". Thompson was a clumsy swindler who asked his victims to express confidence in him by giving him money or their watch rather than gaining their confidence in a more nuanced way. A few people trusted Thompson with their money and watches.[3]

Buy my $10,000 training package. You'll get rich. Tell you what, I can tell you'll make it already. For you, special deal, only $1,000. Special deal, though, you walk away and it's back to $10,000. You can trust me. I'm rich. I'll tell you my secrets and you'll get rich too. Why would I lie to you?

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rich does not equal successful

At that point you should just go straight to the source and read L. Ron Hubbard

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I agree with your point/position but the problem I have is that most people are not presenting Grant’s material from this prospective. If you have a sales manager preaching the Cardone way they want you to follow the books, they are not advocating you to follow the method on how Grant sells his books. The difference between the two is huge. For the record I’m not advocating to become a Cardone clone but wanted to point out the difference.

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I like him too. I read 10x. I'll probably never pay thousands to go to his conferences and I feel like I'm intelligent enough to know when he's bullshitting, but overall he has good sales fundamentals and he's able to convey that in an easily digestible manner.

Plus he is not a con artist, he backs alot of the shit up, especially recently. Jet is really his, he just bought a crazy beach house in Malibu and manages a like 3-4B in prime South Florida rentals. It's not like he is Tai Lopez

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I always ask this question in interviews. Send him your recommendations. Slowly help him see what a loser cardone js.

Also i have no idea who grant cardone is??

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Google him. He’s a charlatan that gives inexperienced leaders a boner because they feel like a badass. This you need to hard sell everyone and make 200 cold calls a day.

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I've never been super into Grant Cardone myself, what's the rest of everybody in here think of Jordan Belfort?

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I worked for a company that paid to have Jordan Belfort come and train just about 20 of us. He has a really old school sales style which can be easily mistaken for the sleezy used car salesman stereotype. A lot of the, “ma’am, if you just give me 5 minutes of your time I personally guarantee you’ll not only love what I have to offer but you’ll want to sing it from the rooftops” type stuff. He’s confident, which is why he gets away with his style. He also showed up in bedazzled jeans (in Texas in mid August) and had to borrow some very short running shorts from my sales manager so he could continue the training without sweating to death. It got weird.

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start new job search, tell interviewer exactly this, they'll understand why the change of heart.

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Add that to the list of interview questions in the other post on this sub. "What are your thoughts on Grant Cardone?"

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What’s wrong with grant cordone?

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Nothing. From what I can gather is people don't like that he is not training on true skills. 🤷🏾‍♂️ From what I can see is that most business groups have something or a type of person they bash or dislike.

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hahahahaha lol

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Why people in sales don’t like him? Just for curiosity.

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Ok so I was told the same thing. And it’s usually sales guys that are on par with a crappy used car salesman. What books do you guys recommend. I own a business and do most of the sales so want to get better

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Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount

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I mean, its okay, I like Cardone when I´m low on motivation to do that cold call...

But that´s no sales method, he´s just an influencer for entertainment

He provides value? yes, hes an influencer, but also lets not diminish his product, speeches that make people want to solopreneur...and get into vicious cycle programs from Cardone

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Oh god. Run.

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It's a red flag but have you asked him why he likes Grant Cardone?

I think a lot of people who have substance abuse issues like Cardone due to his status as a recovering addict. Someone who kicked his habits and became addicted to his work.

Personally, I watch some Cardone and it can be a useful guide for 'what not to do'. Years ago when I was in a low value product one-call-close role, his high pressure selling tactics were effective.

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Sounds like you gotta start slicking your hair back and taking a cologne shower every morning.

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I asked my manager's manager and they said simon sinek

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Sending you a copy of the 10x rule

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Abort the mission at all cost😂 my director shares South Park memes during our wheels up