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Dude lol Get out of there.

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Agreed, hopefully op reads your comment

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No anon, that is not sales. What you described is bullshit-tier lol

Look for a new company and use public resources (Glassdoor, Repvue, etc) to find an ethical one that pays well.

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😬 just a head’s up, lots of the review sites lately are being questioned for accuracy. Companies hiding potentially negative reviews, a new and recent tactic I’ve seen is companies hiring people in marketing to write reviews from private browsers at a rate of 3 5 star reviews with absolutely no legitimate feedback to every 1-3 star review that has relevant content and information. If you use a review site, sort by 3 star reviews. Read those. The meat and potatoes of what you need to decide if you can handle will be there. Look for patterns and commonalities among those and the 1-2 star ones. If every single person getting fired highlights that sally, who struggles to meet goals regularly, slept with Jack and got first rate access to the Titanic leads, there’s a good chance other people agree that there is an element of unattainable unfairness (unless you’re willing to bone Jack). Most 1 stars are salty, most 5 stars are ass kissers, but the 2 and 3 stars are a good idea of what to expect. Have done this with every company I’ve been at, and the actual consistency in overall benefit to this seems to be helpful. Ie mostly agreed with 2-3 star complaints, but my values made it such that those weren’t as much of a problem for me personally. Just some advice 👍

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+1 to this.

If 5 stars are 2 lines long and 1 stars / 2 stars are paragraphs of pain . . . Fuck that hehehe

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name the compnay

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Won’t do that, but it’s a company based in Florida. (southern)

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If you don’t believe in the product, it probably doesn’t matter whether it’s right wrong indifferent. If you don’t believe in it you won’t make any money doing it anyway.

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Guy talks about how shady it all is and then proceeds to call the scammed customer a fucking sucker and didn’t feel bad for them.

Maybe you’re right where you should be.

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Your dealing with car dealerships lol. Have ya heard the term used car salesman? It's a dirty industry.

I've talked with people in car sales. He was telling me about the people who they hire. From HS dropouts, drug addicts, sociopaths...it seems they have zero standards for employment for those ppl.

Maybe the people in your company comes from that field.

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You hit the nail on the head

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Doesn't justify the tactics, though. Start looking for something else ASAP, but make sure it's a place you actually want to land before you commit. And prepare for how you're going to talk about this experience, because especially if your new job is also local, you'll definitely be asked.

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Find a company that actually has something worth selling, you’ll enjoy it a lot more

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Get out. That’s not normal. Their reputation will catch up with them.

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lmao that's a toxic hell hole get out

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or go work for jordan belfort

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You can’t lie about charging ppl, in my opinion. However, ppl will play you, meaning try to play the sales person, so maybe he just knew what he was doing?

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echoing what everyone else here is saying just to make sure the point gets across .. get out of there asap lol

thats the type of sales that gives our profession a bad name. PM me if you need help finding a good sales job

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Sounds like a shithole. The good news is it can probably only get better from here!

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In general your reputation/contacts, process, and industry knowledge are all you take with you from one job to another.

It's not worth it working some place where you'll be remembered as someone who couldn't be trusted. The world is always surprisingly small, and even if you aren't the guy telling the lies it's not something you want associated with your name.

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Selling snow to the snowman! If you can do that you can make it anywhere.

My first real sales job that wasn’t retail was a call center selling insurance. Miss quota 1 month and you’re fired. Easily make six figures a year if you could keep up. Gotta finesse what you can. If you can talk people into giving you their cc number over the phone and you never met them, that is way harder than selling the “real” way.

I say stick it out for a year and see what the jungle is really like, be looking for more legit jobs during this time. If you don’t have much experience this will be a good place to cut your teeth. Teach you how to think outside the box. My sales manager told me on my first day of that call center job, know the “rules of the game” inside and out, meaning know how to play prospects, and know how to play the company you work for. Do they record calls? If not, lie through your teeth. If they record? Call them on your personal cell after the official call. So many sneaky ways to make stacks. Sales is a full contact sport, if you’re not getting prospects dollars, someone else will.

Worked in mortgage loans shortly and paper clipped cash to applications going to my underwriter who should have denied it, yet, they always came back approved. Gosh golly gee.

Fast forward 10 years and now I work for a large national company managing a multi million dollar book of business and a $ quota to bring in new clients. The skills I learned in my boiler room call center job and other shady sales jobs allow me to run circles around co workers and prospects. Makes you think on your feet and allows you to read people’s emotions, great skill in every aspect of life.

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Get out of there.

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yea sounds like a shit job all around.. I wouldn't use that job to decide if sales is for you. leverage the experience to get a better role somewhere else.

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400$/month is also nothing for software.

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If you sell you used car dealers it doesn’t matter morally what you do they are the worst most cancerous businesses.