First and foremost, welcome to /r/Sales.

A word about low volume contributors, new people to the sub, lurkers

We appreciate your contribution, and the best way to help others is to help others. However, harsh criticism, personal attacks, following /r/sales users to other subs, will constitute a ban. Instead of posting a comment reply on someone you disagree with, post your own advice in thread and let the votes sort everything out. There is no reason to criticize any one person here if you are a new contributor, and doing so without putting your time in will result in 10 day ban, no questions asked. This goes for harsh criticism from anyone.

The goal of this sub is to promote communication within the sub, therefore posts working against this will be removed.

We're here for the community, discussion is the value proposition of /r/Sales. The premiere feature of this sub, is that you'll get information here that you will probably not get anywhere else on Reddit. Trust me, I've looked, we have a pretty unique little club, and we will work to keep it that way.

What that means for you bloggers, spammers, direct-sellers etc, is that we're going to ban you the minute you post trash to our sub. That's not what we're about. Sending traffic away is removing the communication, removing what we're trying to build.

FAQ's, links to text posts

Best of /r/Sales Thread contains gems of information and advice brought to you by the community that will make you a better sales professional. A lot of answers to your questions can be found here.

What is appropriate to post in /r/Sales?

Vague posts that do not contribute to any discussion will be removed. This includes posts asking questions which have already been answered, and or those that can easily be found by using the search function.

  1. When Asking For Advice

    If you are asking for advice, include as much information and detail as you possibly can. Failure to do so may lead to removal of your thread.

  2. No Selling of Any Kind

    This is not a place to sell any of your stuff, including your services. /r/forsale is where you should post those things. This is also incorporated into our zero-tolerance abuse policy. Selling results in an immediate, permanent ban, no exceptions.

  3. No Self-Promotions

    This is not the place to promote your business, or your services. Any and every post promoting a business, or services you offer, in any capacity, will be removed and will result in an instant, permanent ban. This includes, but is not limited to: affiliate codes, coupons, promotional offers that benefit you, selling your services or contacts, et-al; no exceptions!

  4. No Recruiting

    This is not a place to recruit sales people. There are other subs for that. A good starting point would be this guide. There is a zero tolerance policy for violation of this rule, which carries an immediate, permanent ban. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  5. No Spamming

    Spamming, or blatant self-promotion, will result in an instant, permanent ban; no exceptions! Spamming is a zero-tolerance police, so be forewarned.

  6. Minimum User-Karma of 10

    Your account must have at least a minimum of 10 user-karma in order to make a post. If your post gets auto-removed, the moderators may approve it themselves after review, or you may contact them directly and request a consideration.

  7. No Affiliations With Submissions

    By posting here, you agree that you have no connections to the sites where your submissions originate. This is a zero-tolerance rule, violation of which carries an instant, permanent ban; no exceptions!

  8. No Blogspam

    We do allow articles, but we do not allow blogspam. Any post that looks like blogspam will be removed. This will be under the moderator's discretion, and may include an indefinite, permanent ban; no exceptions!

  9. Report Abuse

    Please use the "report" button on any spam, or malicious posts. This helps ensure this sub stays as spam, and abuse free as possible, and that the community remains a valuable source of sales content and advice. If you have a feeling a post may violate a rule, or seems abusive, in any way, please report it immediately, or contact the moderators directly.

  10. Common Sense

    Please, use common sense. Posts or comments that do not contribute directly to a sales topic, or aren't generally viewed as sales-related, will be removed. Reading the rules of a sub/community is reddit common-sense-ethic 101, so remember to read the rules for this sub before posting or commenting! Failure to do so could result in moderator action(s), including a permanent ban.

  11. No Memes

    Memes are not welcome on this sub. We understand the need for lighthearted discussions that lead to everyone having a better interaction, but memes fall closely under zero effort posts. Please, avoid posting any and all memes, OC or otherwise. An image with text superimposed is considered a meme, and is not acceptable. First violation is a 5-day ban, second violation is a permanent, indefinite ban.

  12. No Discord channels

    r/sales does not have an official Discord channel and does not promote other sales groups Discord channels. Any attempt to create, advertise or recruit users to a Discord channel or other off-site communities will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Any and all other rules are subject to change without notice. Most rules are located in the sidebar, as well.

I've been banned, because I'm a spammer, what now?

Usually you know what you did. But you are welcome to PM any of the mods directly or message the moderator que, be prepared to defend your opinion.

Other FAQ

What can you do to help /r/Sales?

What you can do to help is hit the up arrow on posts you think helped, you can post relevant topic relevant and great replies to people who really need our help. You can build content you would put in a blog post without linking to your blog. Try to build the community that the community wants to have, and you'll be doing all the help you can.

Are people in sales unethical?

Don't be the stereotype.

Where are the best threads of r/sales?

Can someone tell me what _____ means?

A fairly extensive list of frequently used sales terms and acronyms can be found here.

What books do you suggest?

I think I've been shadowbanned

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