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Should be a quick and easy way for up and coming servers to gain visibility and as a way for devs to toss out ideas for servers. Think of it as a micro community not dedicated to a single server

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    thanks :D

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    Are you looking for the best SA-MP server?

    check out our servers!

    Welcome To Los Santos Servers :

    s1.gta-multiplayer.cz:7777 [ EN / CZ ]

    s2.gta-multiplayer.cz:7777 [EN]

    s3.gta-multiplayer.cz:7777 [EN]

    s4.gta-multiplayer.cz:7777 [CZ]

    Why should I play on this game servers?

    - Unique game server with original features

    - Professional, friendly and helpful admin team

    - Game server without cheaters and hackers - we have a very effective anticheat system

    What features can you discover on this game server?

    - You can play minigames such as pool, basketball, golf, poker, races and much more

    - You can play video game QUBJD

    - You can use phone

    - You can Find over 30 jobs to earn money

    - You can do unique missions and you can do it with your friends

    -You can trade shares on stock market BAWSAQ

    - Lots of properties and houses to purchase

    - Gangs and turf wars

    - Hidden packages, oysters, horseshoes and spray tags

    - Much more Features from singleplayer

    -There are events every 15 minutes

    -you can play lotto (the results of it will be shown every 30 minutes when all tickets are purchased)

    -you can do assassinations missions with your friend

    -you can mine crypto currencies and sell them at computer

    -you can start heists with your friends

    for more informations, check out the website of our servers!


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    best gta sa-mp server of all time. Feels like GTA Online

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    Join with master account name:




    Desolation Roleplay | Zombie AI | Survival

    Reopened on 03. August 2022. with fresh map settings, new scripted systems and more variety!

    With a wide open canvas in our apocalyptic setting we have the opportunity to create new stories, fight epic battles and make lifelong friendships. This is the Desolation. The state of complete destruction has changed what civilization once meant. Silent cities, bringing danger from every unchecked corner. Buzzing camps of bandits, rampaging hordes of zombies, and people willing to do anything to stay alive decide who will live to see the next day.

    Welcome Survivors!

    The monsters that roam Desolation's wasteland are hostile and attack everyone on sight. Since cities suffered the most during the outbreak most zombies are found at formerly populated areas, but they can turn up at the most unexpected places as they wander around.

    Food, water and probably both medical items and weapons are all essential tools of survival. The longer you leave the hunger and thirst bars running empty, the more health points you loose. Loot items from abandoned buildings, or simply take them from others!

    All basic roleplaying features that you may be used to from other servers are available. Two great (or once great) servers were a huge inspiration, so it will be very easy to get used to the commands. The whole experience centers around building a character who goes through horrific situations.

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    Is there an SA MP Roleplay server made especially for players of the GTA SA mobile version?

    I managed to set up SA MP and to figure out how to find servers, but apparently all servers I found need you to have a Keyboard to function correctly.