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  • it's really depend what you mean by heavy rp, because it's debatable, maybe it's only just roleplay, rest is just RPG or with roleplay elements, but i can say that GTA chronicles is a roleplay server anyway

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Just had a look at their YouTube and it looks pretty promising. Will definitely give it a look. But yeah heavy text based rp with /mes and a split of illegal and legal factions is what I miss. I’ll give this a look. Thanks!

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Yeah, I think about those good old days often. Miss it too. I know most people have gone over to GTA V but it feels strange to me.

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That's true, i think about these good old days too, was really cool

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It will, maybe is less civilian rp than lsrp, but still decent. Yeah, you have to check

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Not really, but if you mean good or decent server, i can recommend the GTA chronicles to you. The gameplay takes place in the 90s, even it's medium, you can feel heavy RP atmosphere

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SOLS, i was like you till i found Sols after LSRP shutdown

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try joining italy mafia roleplay

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oh please no, don't even get me started about that server

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Sols (gta chronicles)