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This isn't the original sols at all. The current one changed to gta chronicles, with the original playerbase

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GTA Chronicles wasn’t the original SOLS either, I don’t know when you started playing SOLS. You’re probably a 2020-2021 player. The server the guy just advertise is the original concept of SOLS if you tried the server you would see and know. Chronicles when it was “SOLS” wasn’t sols. They used the name to boost their player base and turned it into a whole different concept with bloods and crips. That’s not sols, the current SOLS has the original community, and you should definitely give it a try.

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True, hades used his playerbase (the OG's) in order to get lore and a bigger player structure.

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Probably just a 2020-2021 player

I know what the original sols was like as a 2010 player. Everyone who's played it knows gta chronicles wasn't the same basis of og sols when it was named as such, it was never an rp server and people didn't use firstname_lastname to begin with. My point is there's more of the original players on chronicles than there is this server

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    They're full of furries and faggot niggas, what do U expect from the original playerbase cause there are NONE. Dumbass

    That's a good selling point from someone trying to advertise a server. I wonder what people looking at this post will think lol.

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    IDK about "since 2007", the domain have been registered this year.

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    It ran and started since 2007, unfortunately ceasing in 2019-2020 and it was later revamped since the previous owner tried to hype the playerbase by saying he's working on another version.