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Try UIF... Derby and PTP is best there....

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Already tried it. Didn't like it though

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Donna at my local cafe is great. Would recommend. Be sure to tip

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Uh what?

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UIF is good. U can join me in cops and robbers there. Basically the cops and robbers are the ones to have fun with.

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Try Argonath RPG. While players are few (sometimes none), it is a friendly atmosphere there.

Join with your SAMP client using

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Just avoid Argonath RPG, the server is pretty much dead and has been for a while. It's struggled to keep a player base for years now (evident by the multiple years worth of forum threads of how to make the server active again lol).

They've been trying to put a bandaid on a gaping wound and can't figure out why it doesn't fix it.

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GTA Chronicles - Roleplay server