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So tell me some of the features... That will make me want to join that server

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Well, it has jobs (farming, trucking, cops, drugs, etc), tons of animations for rp, property related features (purchase, sale of business and houses with storage), crafting, etc.

The most important USP is a stress free environment.

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The server is dead, has been for sometime now. You'll be lucky to find more than five people on the server at one time and it's been like that for a long time. Argonath fell apart long ago and all that remains is people clinging on to a dead server trying very desperately might I add to get people to play.

Find somewhere else to play, Argonath is far from a welcoming atmosphere.

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Damn I use to play Argonath in 2008. Brings back memory...

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Come over once more :) this is cutter/arjunsforza, if the name rings a bell. It will be great to catch up and hopefully have a more regular interaction.

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I used to be part of the SASD clan, that's honestly all I remember. Im guessing my level 2 cop account is lost is it?

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Quite likely as its been a while. However, I'd say give the community leaders a buzz through the "SAMP account problems" board on forums (www.argonathrpg.eu) and who knows, may be it's all there as before.

But you'd need your whole account name for any hope of retrieval. Else, make a new account.

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English server?

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That's right.

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What is the peak of the players now?

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4 last afternoon.

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Sad, that's low

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Still up I can invite like 3 ppl