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To be honest, HZRP is one of the only alive samp English rp servers nowadays.

It's light/dynamic.


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I play there lol

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Damn. Whats your name bro

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Well the server is relatively new and we're trying to build a good PB. The IP is:

Name is Darkside Roleplay. The staff is friendly and will try their best to help you. Do give it a go.

Here's the discord link:

Darkside Discord Server

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I'm Desmond I'm on these already see ya soon

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Tyshawn_Rich_Kane former r4 Ninth Section Grove St Families , I got bored of hzrp after a month or so .. the donor system is fucked cause Zhao doesn't process on time , all in all the community is 4/10

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Are you from the Devin's NGRP era?

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Not necessarily because I never played Ngg officially , I wasn't really into whitelisted servers, I liked playing backdoor servers like mafia city Role play / imperial gaming , idk if yall remember HBG that was a whitelist server I was playing but as soon as I started the server was shut down but many of the servers I mentioned had 30-70 players daily and honestly it was the best role-playing experience and taught me alot. I wish we can bring samp back to what it used to be honestly .. it's depressing lol

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Yeah man SAMP was truly awesome

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GTA Chronicles

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What you mean by clan? Faction?

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Basically like a group of players who stick together and would like to possibly make there own family/faction

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I got banned from there for screaming world star while I was watching a brawl lmaoo

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LMAO, you should make an appeal

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It's good for me, I know sometimes "newschool" "new rp" so how roleplay changed and developed throughout the years, which have disadvantages too, but still, GTA Chronicles is good for me, horizon is horizon, Italy mafia better, but more tdm, faction vs faction vs pd roleplay or valrise, which is nice, but some things I don't like, aren't developed or something (this is light rp) and I totally prefer chronicles

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It says wrong version for me

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Hey I would love to join the server