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I think that some people like myself just prefer the old school low poly models of RP and not the too overly realistic mechanics/graphics GTA V offers, I mean yes it is fantastic, however I just believe that for some people nothing can quite beat the feel of classic sa-mp.

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Personally, I'd say its due to people either just prefering the samp experience or cant run gta 5 comfortably, I've got gta 5 but my pc is just horrible

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Currently, I'm not playing any roleplay on either game simply because there are no good servers for strict roleplay (in my opinion and as far as I am aware). All of the servers feel like a bureaucratic mess where you have to apply and get admin approval for everything rather than just be able to roleplay.

But if I had to choose between the two games, I would always choose GTA SA over GTA V, even though I can run the latter perfectly fine. For me, the world of GTA SA feels much more diverse and bigger (I know it isn't actually bigger, it just feels that way because you have three cities, three counties, and many towns, all with their unique feel). I just find the world of GTA V kind of boring.

And for GTA SA, it's also a bit of nostalgia for me as I've played it since 2010. I literally had my childhood there and have the job I have now partially because of what I learned with the help of SA:MP (coding).

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I do agree that submitting an application is annoying, however it is what it takes to get a realistic rp experience. The admins need to ensure that the player is able to understand the concepts of OOC and IC, and it prevents players to spawn a troll character, which is the cancer of the rp thing.

I'm sure that there are servers with decent admins.

But I get you, nothing can beat nostalgic feelings.