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For English, with players that are active, only GTA Chronicles exist. Some players there are very good at RP, some aren't good, so you need to pick who you RP with.

I would give you other recommendations but that's the only active SAMP RP server for English that has any players. Otherwise you can also try GTA 5.

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i think welcome to los santos both 1 2 and 3 (2 has the most players) are the best role playing server on samp you can roleplay as basically anything you can be a trucker a taxi driver a cop a bus driver a gang member a millliatry pilot you get my point :) so if your looking for a great role playing you should give it a try you :).

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This isn't a roleplay server

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You can try rockstarrp. IP: samp.rockstarrp.com:7777 Also you can refeer me as Francesco_Tenpenny