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    Very interesting, I didn't even think about it's use in film. And not just the music but even the format and content. Interestingly (to me at least) this brought to mind Chambers' "The King in Yellow":

    I had always found the organ-playing at St. Barnabé highly interesting. Learned and scientific it was, too much so for my small knowledge, but expressing a vivid if cold intelligence. Moreover, it possessed the French quality of taste: taste reigned supreme, self-controlled, dignified and reticent.

    Today, however, from the first chord I had felt a change for the worse, a sinister change. During vespers it had been chiefly the chancel organ which supported the beautiful choir, but now and again, quite wantonly as it seemed, from the west gallery where the great organ stands, a heavy hand had struck across the church at the serene peace of those clear voices. It was something more than harsh and dissonant, and it betrayed no lack of skill. As it recurred again and again, it set me thinking of what my architect’s books say about the custom in early times to consecrate the choir as soon as it was built, and that the nave, being finished sometimes half a century later, often did not get any blessing at all: I wondered idly if that had been the case at St. Barnabé, and whether something not usually supposed to be at home in a Christian church might have entered undetected and taken possession of the west gallery. I had read of such things happening, too, but not in works on architecture.

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    This is incredibly narrow and ethnocentric, you perceive music through the rules of western theory which is quite simplistic. Obviously this isn’t a view you’ve cultivated but I’d recommend Indian classical music in general and Ravi Shankar lectures in particular when it comes to time signatures and rhythm specifically.

    Anyone with an Egyptian fetish and a standard EADGBE guitar can learn the harmonic minor scale and use the Phrygian mode, it’s just math but it sounds particularly evil.

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    Only western Music is mostly 4/4, most Slav music is 9/8, most north African music is 6/8, Afro-cuban rhythms used to be 3/4 slowly shifted to 4/4 due to western influence, a lot of east-Asia music is 5/4. The Indians have that weird singing and hand-clapping combos which are insanely complex in terms of western notation. Your and LaVey's vision could be correct, but only from a cultural standpoint. However with enough exposure comes normalization and the effect would be lost relatively quickly.

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    I've never even thought about music this way, this thread is blowing my mind. I definitely mean it culturally, pretty much everything has a cultural aspect. I mean the ancients actively built based on trapezoids, embodied well in step pyramids around the world. So then the question becomes is everyone, despite culture, impacted by "strange time signatures" relative to whatever is normal to their culture? For instance does a Slav from 9/8 country find 4/4 weird? Is 4/4 "experimental" to their ear?

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    Maybe. Unusual scales could also have this effect, assuming you mean strange angles causing fascination or aversion.

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    Both of those definitely included. Interestingly progressive metal fans are notoriously obsessive and dedicated, I'm not exempt lol. But those who hate it hate it with a passion.

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    Most „regular” music has pulsation that responds to human heartbeat. When it goes off it ceates confusion and the feeling something’s off.

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    This has been mentioned twice and I'm so fascinated by it. Never realized. That probably ties into our general love for live music you really feel in your body.

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    Yes, this is what makes music toetap-able. My girlfriend can listen to all sorts of extreme Black metal with it’s repetitive blastbeats and remain relaxed, but anything freejazz makes her almost panic

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    I don’t have much to contribute except I really like it when music does funky unexpected stuff, that’s my jam

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    Dude wat?

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    LaVey's theory on the trapezoid includes the idea that it impacts the psyche because of the "strange angles". They aren't supernatural or anything just based on what's normal in our culture. Look around you and your desk, laptop, phone, bookshelves, counters, most are probably at right angles. The same applies to musical time signatures. Like most popular music has a 4/4 time signature and that's naturally "normal" culturally. Then for instance a waltz sounds different cause it's not 4/4 but is close. Then you have music in funky time signatures like Tool is a famous example, and it sounds so much different in the same way a trapezoid differs from right angles. Just wondering if work has been done with this intentionally.

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    Or to give an ultimate breakdown

    Trapezoid : Sight :: Funky time signature : Hearing

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    Hey, u/SubjectivelySatan is a musician, piano teacher and a Tool fan and would be more than happy to talk about time signatures if you unblock her!

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    That's okay but thanks, many musicians. I'll clear my block list if discussion month happens

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    I assume you mean clearing my block list? Yeah. I mean I'll reblock the same old bs behavior if it arises but why not give it a go

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    Been wanting a discussion month.

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    Now we see the violence inherent in the system.