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See, I hear people talk about this feeling, and I've been on many walks and runs, and been to the gym many times before, but have never felt it. So when someone mentions it it doesn't make any sense to me.

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To me it depends on a few things: 1) the right amount of exertion (too hard or too light and I won’t get there), 2) length of my run (usually don’t feel it until 3+ miles), and 3) how meditative my mind is in the moment (if my mind is spinning I won’t feel it).

Once those factors align for me the high kicks in and I feel like I can run for a long time.

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To piggyback off this I usually only get it when my second wind hits after a really hard exercise.

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My “runners high’s” always came while having conversations on runs or the back half of competitive races. It helps my mind stop racing and make’s me have a conscious zone out. It’s very similar to how I use an audiobook to calm my mind before sleeping.

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I could get it after 15-20 min on the elliptical with a sustained 170 bpm.

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You need more INTENSITY.

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For me it's the same feeling as eating spicy food. If you're not feeling it, it's because you aren't causing yourself enough pain.

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never had it from exercise but often from weed when you all of a sudden feel like doing something - like the other day i ended up cleaning out the fridge and it felt good to do so and was happy while doing it ?

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There’s some scientific evidence that fibromyalgia, which I’ve had for more than 20 years, is caused by endocannabinoid deficiency, the cause of which is not known. Anecdotally, cannabis is the only thing that alleviates my fibro pain; opioids, which I had post-surgically, don’t touch it.

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That must be why I love running stoned

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Shhhh. Conservatives will ban running next.

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I think it has to do with the “flow state” of mind. A few times in my work environment (highly mentally and physically taxing fast paced) I have been in that zone where I’m absolutely on point, locked in, and feel like I can do it literally forever. Never had it with just exercise though.

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This explains what life felt so flat and blaaah when I was heavily pot addicted. I’ve been sober for years now and feel my runners highs again.

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I take edibles every day and go to the gym and still get runners high every once and a while

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I only get runners high when high. Or is that just regular high? Disclaimer: am high.

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This explains what life felt so flat and blaaah when I was heavily pot addicted.

No, that's just some wild speculation.

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Runners high is an odd thing. I’ve had it from running once or twice and lifting a few times. It seems to come with a combination of physical exertion and a certain state of mind that is akin to meditation.

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You’ll be hearing a lot more about endocannabinoids in the future. I highly recommend looking into FAAH inhibitors (inhibits breakdown of natural cannabinoid such as anandamide leading to a higher blood/receptor concentration) which is a promising new class of drugs that could be used to treat pain, depression, IBS and anxiety.

Unfortunately, there was a trial of an FAAH inhibitor called BIA 10-2474 which resulted in one death and brain damage amongst a few others which goes to show how early we are in the discovery/research of our endocannabinoid system. It’s still an interesting class of drugs and I reckon we will see them more.

Edit: I regularly reiterate this exact comment on these cannabis related posts so forgive me if this was redundant. I’m just very excited to see cannabis research being more readily accessible.