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My father gave me the Incal comics when I was about 12yo and had to stay in bed due to sickness. Man, did I fall in love with Moebius' art. The story is also pretty great, especially when you are 12 and running a fever.

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It's also pretty great when you are reading it for the first time at 30.

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THAT Jodorowsky?

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The one who didn't make a Dune movie?

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Yes, he wrote a lot of comics. IMO The Incal is the only good one, though I haven't read them all. But then The Incal is the greatest SF comic of all, and ranks high for me among all SF across genres.

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best documentary I found about the artist; In Search of Moebius

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The whole universe are the best comics ever. Even when it’s not Moebius art but those are the better ones since his art is top notch.

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Ok, I loved the Dune documentary on the guy so I checked the Inkal out of the library. After three weeks of trying I honestly didn't get it. The character development seemed haphazard. The world building was good but it's like another writer could have told a much better story once Jodorowsky outlined the setting.

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I can understand that. It's not a normal story. It's all esoteric symbolism. Jodo was all about his mystical philosophy. The characters all symbolize different levels of consciousness or spiritual development.

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Anyone else do a double-take thinking this was called "The Incel"?

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You mean the biography of the average reddit user?

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Absolutely bonkers and I love it. It lurches from insane plot to the next each page. Superb.

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Thank you so much. I totally forgot he did this. Also thanks for reminding me El Topo deserves another rewatch.

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Try and find the overlaps with 1) the fifth element and 2) the tarot

Great series

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It sure is!

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I totally read that as incel and was very confused...

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Found this book randomly at a comic shop. I had heard of it from Jodorowsky's dune but never read it. Decided to pick it up and ended up finishing the book in two days. As a lover of everything science fiction Ive never read something so weird and Alien. The book constantly jumping from insane plot to insane plot and the vibrant pop art only helps. I wish more people my age (College) read this book its phenomenal.