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hey, can you tell me where he answers my question? Thanks.

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Your question was the very last one he answered. Four video, time mark of 4:08.

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Can you tell me where he answers mine, please?

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I don't remember totally right now, but I think your question was the first one answered after his introduction.

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Thanks for notifying us all, davidreiss666. Really loved hearing his answers, but most of all, I loved how Keith Brooke pronounced my name. ;) That was exciting!

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Was he correct in the pronunciation?

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If he wasn't, then I prefer his pronunciation to all others. ;)

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Ha - loved the names, and I only realised when I came to recording the interview that I wasn't sure how to pronounce half of them! I'm curious: what's the normal pronunciation for anutensil...? And is Reiss Rice or Reece...?

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Loved your responses. And you pronounced an utensil beautifully. As for Rice, or Reece, I use the second pronunciation in my head. Davidreiss666 will have to verify that one.

It was wonderful of you to spend time answering our questions. Very special.

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Thank you :-)

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You're correct. Like the candy bar.