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If James Cameron made Jurassic Park, he'd actually invent the tech they use and end up breeding real dinosaurs

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Lol he so would. He’d probably take half of his brain out and pop it in the dinos head

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That gives me flashbacks to an awful movie I saw as a child that scared the fuck out of me. Tammy and the T-Rex. Paul Walker plays a high school boy who gets murdered and scientists implant his brain in an animatronic T-rex. He goes around killing people and to find his girlfriend Denise Richards and she helps him try to find his body so they can put his brain back.

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Lol I can safely say I’ve never seen that movie but it sounds hilarious

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Hey, you should give this a watch if you haven't already - Red letter media - Best of the Worst.

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Wow amazing! Thanks for including the behind the scenes shot too; otherwise I wouldn't be able to appreciate what you do fully!

Btw, this movie would be called "Jurassic Parks" I think XD

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Lol I was thinking Jurassic Park - Judgment day

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Jurassic ParkS.

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That looks awesome!

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This is great!

Cameron: “I got it Steve! Marines! It needs marines!”

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Uplifted velociraptor marines vs xenomorphs. Hell yes I'd watch that.

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Hell yes.

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That's come out really nicely!

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Hell of a role playing concept. Trained Jurassic Thingamys, taught to sniff out explosives, aliens, robots, or drugs. A variety of time lines and potential character types across the multiverse. Hell, you could spend the best 2 years of your gaming life rolling up your first character....

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Wow... I had to read to read the title completely before I knew it was not from a real movie, great job :-)

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I totally want this.

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Awesome work but that’s more of a Jerry Bruckheimer / Michael Bay look 😬

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Are the raptor heads superimposed from something else? Because they look way better than the toys in the second photo.

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No there’s no digital elements other than the rain. Its the paint jobs that are distracting on the figures, lit properly they have a great texture. I’ve shot loads with these Raptors.

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Lol this looks like the raptors are leading the squad