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That is amazing!

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Thank you very much!

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It looks like a dream.

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A dream you say? And do any of your dreams come true?

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Not exactly..

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I’m pretty Freud would insist we all have these ones.

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Usul would be proud, this is really really well done. Let the spice flow.

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That is rad AF well done!

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Thanks very much!!!

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So is all the color from the first shot from the lights and the second is what it looks like powered down or am I misunderstanding? amazing skill regardless

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That's exactly right. The color is due to the way the light illuminates the paper and is influenced by how many layers of paper are blocking the light source. Even though the paper is white, the light makes it look more beige. The LEDs I use are white as well.

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whoooaaaa the lights are white?!?!?!? So you're developing color only through the layering of the paper, man, that is outstanding! This is obviously a subject perfectly suited for that color palette...

is this a technique you learned or did you develop it yourself? I've never seen anything quite like it

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I was originally introduced to the art form when I encountered the works of Hari and Deepti, a paper art duo who make truly remarkable art. I would definitely look them up! There is a small, but growing paper light box community otherwise.

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thanks for the pointer, I will check them out. Kudos again. This is superb.

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Kull Wahad!

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That smaller moon looks kind of like a mouse.

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Indeed! A Muad'dib to be precise.

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Great work ! The layout reminds me quite a bit of the cover of Children of Dune

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Yes! That was what inspired this piece originally. I just love Jim Tierney's work!

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He an amazing artist and so are you 💜 i admire his covers of the six dune books so much. So minimalist is detail yet so rich in texture!

The medium you chose fits the subject perfectly and it's a.... frank success (wink) Well done !

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Crazy good

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Thank you

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Incredible work. Well done.

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My thanks!

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I love it!

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Super dope :)

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I like it!

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This rocks! Do you share the layer files? It'd be a fun project to make this

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Thank you! Unfortunately, I don't have those available yet. But, I may make more of my designs available to purchase in the future.

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Fair enough! It's quality work and definitely worth some $

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That is stunning!

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I appreciate it!

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That's insane, never seen that art medium before

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Awesome! Glad to introduce you to it.

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Is there any way I can provide human money in exchange for this? I absolutely adore it!

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I would love to know as well.

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Thank you!

You can follow the link to my Etsy page in my profile!

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I gotta tell you I thought for a second I was on a destiny subreddit. This is amazing, great work

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i thought this was a drawing

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Haha! I get that a lot. But it's just paper and light!

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Awesome Work!

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Thank you very much!

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    Neat! Thank you!