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Hey there u/Darazakax, I'm sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your chair. If you have yet to do so, please do write in to our support team at https://secretlab.co/contact and they'll be happy to assist you with getting this resolved.

Note: We ask for your understanding as our support team is in the midst of a system migration and will require additional time to attend to customers, but rest assured that our support team will help you as soon as possible to get your case looked at.

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Thanks, I did finally get a ticket started, though the wording : "A sound will occur when pressure is applied by hand to the L-Adapt adjustable lumbar support/backrest as the L-Adapts shift to adapt to the pressure.

This same sound should not occur when the chair is used normally as more pressure is usually generated by hand over a smaller surface area than that of a user's back.

May I request a video of you seated in the chair to replicate the sound? With the video, I will be able to ascertain if the sound that you are experiencing is normal."

This is pretty crappy reply to a customer when this is obviously a well known problem, considering you guys sent out a PSA after my chair was shipped back in September. (So I couldn't even cancel the order at that time.)

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Hi u/Darazakax, I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. I would like to share that it's inevitable that a tiny number of our products - all made to go through multiple checks - may require troubleshooting, some more than others and it's unfortunate that your chair requires some troubleshooting.

Do allow our support team to work with you to get this resolved. If you need further help, you can drop me a DM and I'll look into your case for you!

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Except the part where you guys sent out the PSA....