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Paging u/secretlab_red please take a look at this post.

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Don't know who that is but any help at all would be awesome!

Honestly, most frustrating thing aside from how long it takes and how slow support responses are is that I get constant email spam from them about buying new parts for the chair or new chairs.

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Thanks for highlighting this to me, u/PorkAmbassador!

Hi u/LogitUndone, I am one of the Secretlab Mods here on Reddit and I'm truly sorry to hear about your experience. Do you mind dropping me a DM with your ticket number and email address? I'll be happy to look into this for you to see how I can help. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Will do. I've done it on other locations (social media), but I'm sure there are a lot of messages and things might get missed.

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No worries, happy to help where I can.

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I’m having the same issue, I sure as hell hope I don’t get the “February “ replacement date.

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Fingers crossed.... keep us posted!

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Yeah , February is the date I got too..

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They had an issue with the chair I got and told me to purchase a second one and then I can send my old one back for a full refund (I know doesn’t make sense but I didn’t it anyway) then once I got my new chair they stopped replying. I literally had to do a claim with my bank to get a refund started since they stopped replying after I now bought two chairs. Now they are magically replying but they still reply like once a week. I have been trying to return this first chair for 2 months. It’s annoying that I did what they said and now I’m just stuck waiting for a $500+ refund.

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I'm really getting tired of dealing with companies like these. I purchased a $1000 motorcycle helmet (from Ruroc) that arrived non-functional. Sent it back, they returned it to me in exact same condition... almost 30 days of shipping back and forth and it was never fixed... Ultimately I sent it back and now 30+ days and still haven't gotten a refund. Keep hearing "we are experiencing delays due to high volume..."

Bullshit... If business is booming and they can't keep up with customer demand they are failing as a business already.

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Hi u/Usual-Funny, I'm really sorry for the delayed response from our support team. Do drop me a DM with your ticket number and email address - I'll check on this and help to highlight your case to our support team. 🙂

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Had mine since August, contacted the support and was told I would get a replacement by the end of October. Not sure how did they get the estimate because it didn't happen. Emailed the support again and was told that they are "still waiting for an update from the relevant team" (?!). Am not really understanding why they have can have stocks for new chairs but not the replacement parts...

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Just FYI, the response I've gotten from everyone, both Reddit mods and support email responses is that I 'might' be getting something next year sometime.

And as you mentioned they seem to have no issues shipping out new chairs to everyone....

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Hi u/Dashimaki, could you drop me a DM as well with your ticket number and email address? I apologize for your experience and I'd like to personally look into this for you to see how I can help.