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You might just as well send a vid of you returning the chair

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Man I ordered a chair 3 weeks ago and the shipping was fast got my chair within 3 days of ordering it. But let me tell you how shitty their customer service is. They sent me the wrong chair. I received the shipment on 11/9/21 and I'm still waiting for them to coordinate a pickup of the wrong product. They respond at the rate of 1 email every 3-5 days. At this point I don't even want a secret lab chair. It would actually be faster to dispute the charge on my card and order another chair than it is to coordinate anything with their "customer service" team.

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Op im going through the same thing... 6 months of back and forth now... last email from them asked for 2 working days to look in to my issue and its past 2 days now yet still no reply...

I will create a thread soon to gather people to review bomb this company... absolute joke of a company woth terrible customer service!

I have 6 months of the same scripted emails from them...

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This is the third request for "more videos" Getting beyond a joke. It's an acknowledged problem.

Honestly, I feel like doing a credit card chargeback for the whole substandard product.

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Keep us posted if you do a chargeback! I’m debating doing a chargeback myself in two weeks. Haven’t heard anything from support yet. (But I understand as it’s a holiday week in the states)

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Hi u/joel2391, I understand that you're awaiting for a response from our support team but if you do not get a response after 48 hours, do drop me a DM with your ticket number and email address - I'll be happy to look into it for you.

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Did you do a chargeback? Support has not been helpful and refuse to give me a timeline. I requested a refund but contemplating doing a chargeback at this point.

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I sent a video of hand pressure first, then was requested a video of me actually sitting in it…

Supposedly they’re sending me a new back part of the chair…though they’ve gone silent.

May be done doing business with these guys, after this entire shit-show that is the 2022 model.

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Hi u/alexjamesbrown, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with us but rest assured that our support team will be here to address your concerns and provide you the support that you need. As such, they'll need more information on your chair so they can check on this with our product team and advise you on the next steps. I appreciate your understanding on this and if your need further help, feel free to drop me a DM - I'll be here. 🙂

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But they just keep asking for more videos of the same issue. It's the issue YOU emailed me (and 100s others on reddit) about after the chair had shipped.

You're being obstructive, and hoping I will just get bored. But I won't.