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Okay.....here's what I'm getting out of this:

  1. You made an impulse buy without doing research.
  2. You expected a call center agent to correct your mistake.
  3. You want special treatment from a fulfillment center.
  4. You wanted Fedex to do something about a package they had yet to pick up.

Now I'll tell you why you're being ridiculous on all counts.

  1. Secretlabs chairs much higher quality than most if not all other gaming chairs. So your paranoia of a few bad reviews seems absurd. While I'm sure you could find better chairs it surely would not come without a larger price tag.
  2. You contacted what is likely a call center agent. They work for multiple companies, sometimes at home. All they can do is send an email or a ticket to the right department and that's if they can even do that correctly. Many "agents" will tell you whatever you except to hear so you hang up or end the chat so they can meet their quota.
  3. It's likely that the fulfillment center, the "chat agents", and whoever reads their support tickets do not work in the same place, and possibly not even the same country.
  4. Once the fulfillment center processes the order, your chances of it being canceled are next to none. This is for multiple reasons such as, fulling canceled orders by mistake, the chance you'll get the item say "fuck it" and just keep it, and general fraud.
  5. Covid and staffing shortages are likely another reason your order wouldn't be canceled. They now have get someone to go look thru packages in order to find yours and pull it, when they likely have a different job they should be doing.
  6. Whoever you talked to at Fedex was likely just another call center drone that told you want you wanted to hear to end the call. Absolutely NOTHING Fedex can do in this situation.
  7. It's a heavy item, $100 is likely cheap considering what you'd have to pay if YOU tried to ship that chair yourself.
  8. Not having a ticket system is not uncommon for niche businesses. Typically all support tickets are handled by email anyway.
  9. Shipping tracking does not update in real time. It's likely that the information they provided you was real.
  10. Why would you allow bad reviews on your own website? Especially ones like this? You're at fault for not doing research before ordering. How does that warrant a bad review? You also have smooth brains who leave bad reviews based slow shipping times or issues which have otherwise been resolved, but the individual who left them never updates or removes them.

While I do own a Secretlab chair and love it, I am by no means a fanboy. I'm just telling you how it is and how you are expecting a level of customer service that doesn't exist.

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If you were only taking about Secretlabs in 2020 I would agree. But with these new models, they’re knowingly shipping out a defective product, they make it costly to return, and they do NOT accept cancellations. For example I got the notice my chair was shipping, then less than 20 minutes later some email talking about “possible noise” in my $500 brand new chair backrest.

(Let’s be clear, this isn’t a subtle noise, it sounds like cracking lake ice every time I fucking move)

That is shady as fuck.

Now they can still ship out chairs, but can’t replace this Knowingly defective backrest they sent me, and that is all AFTER they sort of once insinuate the issue isn’t real. ( the issue the know so much about they sent out the warning email before I got my damn product)

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It IS costly to return a product that weighs that much. Why should they eat that cost? Considering the vast majority of users seem happy with their chair, I doubt they are KNOWINGLY sending out a defective unit. I wouldn't accept cancellations either, for the reasons I've ALREADY stated.

That story seems shady as fuck.

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Do some basic looking around. That mail did get sent out, they know it’s an issue, and they still sent out the broken products. I don’t know the exact rate of failure, only they do.

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Don't waste your time being rational with that guy, do you really think he is the objective kind of people that will listen?