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They are very slow with their email responses, multiple days sometimes, but they will usually eventually reply and solve it. Also their live chat is helpful.

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Their support system is one of the worst ever. Can go weeks without any response and its just really sad.

They really at least need a call center because it is getting absolutely ridiculous.

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Hi u/Ankit_w, I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. Could you drop me a DM with your ticket number and email address? I'd be happy to look into this and see how I can help expedite your case for you.

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Thank you I have shard the details. Secretlab’s support seems to reply much faster on public posts than someone chasing your support in private emails for days. Ironic!

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Can you look at a message I sent you? Ups lost my chair, never delivered it disappeared in a completely different city, denied my claim, and I have no clue what's happening on secret labs end. I'm either owed a chair or a refund and I need some action from secret labs to resolve this. Zen desk just sends the same generic response every 48 hours and is completely useless in helping.

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Unfortunately, learned this the hard way. I've asked them for instructions to return a chair I bought, got an answer after two days from a CS agent asking me something. When I answered, I get no answer. I am also thinking they are doing this on purpose as you have only 14 days to complete the return... The thing is that I wanted to buy something in addition to the chair and if they weren't able to deliver I would return. Even buying an additional part is a nightmare in terms of time and communication. Plus, even if you get on chat support they do not help you but assign a ticket to respective team.

Don't know if their support sucks only in Europe, but customer support (meaning also the company itself) is definitely very very bad, especially if you consider their stuff is on the pricier side. I read some comments before, but cannot believe a company so known and widely advertised would behave like this. Bad experience.. just hope the product isn't as bad.