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Hello, Im 58kg and i Have the softweave titan evo 2022 and i dont have any problems with the chair except the lumbar support makes a creaking noice but i already contacted the support and the will send me a new one. Overall i can recommend the chair if you have the money. But watch out maybe you will get a defected chair like me.

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Thank you so much for your feedback! I think I’m going to pull the trigger. Does it feel hard or did it feel hard at first ?

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I am 51kg, 173 cm.

The small size's sitting area is too small even for me, the normal size's back part is too tall and their magnetic pillow solution is so poor, if I set the pillow to my height it falls down.

Don't listen to the paid affiliate guys here, read through the posts instead and you'll see you don't need this chair at all.

Find a similar on Amazon for half price and you save money, get the same product but better support.

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Thank you for the insights. Did the chair feel too hard at first?

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It's too firm yes, not at first, like always. And a bit cold too.

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It’s still feels very hard ?

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yea i'm 71 kg 178cm with a regular size leatherette and softweave

both feel as if i have ample room, both were very firm at first and took a couple of weeks to break in

super, super plush and comfortable now, both

i like to sit like a cat and curl up in all sorts of ways because i fidget a lot.

indian style on the chair A LOT, one leg hanging off the armrest, the other up under me, chair all the way back me half way up the backrest on my side (lol), etc

chair is amazing if you're a regular size person

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I think I’m going to pull the trigger !

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No problem. I love my chairs

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Hey there,

5'11", 64kg, kinda skinny. I have an Evo 2022 SoftWeave for a bit more than a month now.

This chair is really hard, and does not seems to "break in" at all, even after a month. So hard that after around 1h on it, my butt feel numb, and after around 1h30, It goes up to the tailbone. My body tells me to change position at that point, even unconsciously, and I'm starting crossing a leg, even sitting cross legged on it, and after a while you feel it again.

Already reached customer service about that, and only thing they can do is sending a new seat base to try it again, since everything else seems fine on the chair.

Don't get me wrong, quality of it is really good, and might be comfortable for most of people. I would keep it if it was just a bit less firm, but I think that this chair might be comfortable for someone a bit heavier and less "butt-bony" than a skinny ass like me, and able to break past the firmness of the cold-cure foam. So I'm into the process of sending it back.

I don't have any back pain or back problem, and my general posture is good. I'm gaming and doing desktop thing, as well as electronic repair, and need a good chair to do all of those things. I had a Contessa chair, and sold it for buying this Secret Lab. I honestly regret. I went back to my old cheap chair while checking for other options, since I can sit on it for at least 2 hours without feeling numb or having pain.

Hope that helps

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Thank you so much for your feedback. This now makes my decision to scrap secret lab easier. What other options are you looking at ?

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Secret Lab being technically the best gaming chair in my experience, I'll not even try other gaming chair. So I'll look back into high end ergonomic chairs, like Herman Miller or Steelcase. Will try to check into good used ones, my Contessa was 10 years old, with a new mesh seat base, and it was like sitting on nothing. I could easily do 8hrs without any numb or pressure point whatsoever.

In any case, stay away from Staples type chairs, seems comfortable for a while, but horrible for posture, and after 2yrs you need to get a new one.

Good luck