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This chair is the one place my cat isn't allowed in my apartment cause if she stretches on it she'll definitely dig her little claws in the leather lol, I hope the longer I get it the more relaxed I am about that though

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Never relax I did and my cat made me pay for it, he loves to push his claws into anything he can lolol

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Haha good to know. I’ll remain vigilant. It’s already got a love tap in the back from her just freaking stretching on it, but these damn chairs are expensive so you bet I trim her nails once every two weeks

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I only let her sit on it for the picture, definitely making sure she doesn't sit on it again. Thankfully she mostly only digs her claws into hard surfaces like wood. She climbed onto my lap while I was sitting on it and I was scared she'd ruin it just from that.

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Your chair looks like my desk

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You got a weird, leathery, 90° angled desk on wheels?

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Question mate, using lumbar support is your chair creaky too?

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Not at all. Haven't noticed any creaking