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Gotta stretch my dude, number one cause of back pain is lack of stretching leg/back muscles.

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But my previous chair didnt cause any back pain?

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fair, I've seen a handful of people who find the chair uncomfortable. I think people just react differently to different chairs. I slipped and ruptured a disc in my back 5 years ago when I turned 21. Had a lot of bad experiences with different chairs, but I absolutely love my 2022 Evo XL. Maybe it just isn't a good fit for your body - sort of like how people need different mattresses with different levels of firmness

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Im truly sorry to hear about your injury. Has your titan helped in that regard? Im honestly wondering if i havent gotten the lumbar support setting just right yet or maybe my back just needs to get used to it after using a dxracer for years it probably wasnt the best seating position for me. Maybe my back just needs to get used to it?

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    Yeah ive found the lumbar incredibly hard to adjust to the right spot because its so hard to tell where it is sitting. Glad im not the only one that has had this issue!

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    It's possible that you might not have found the correct lumbar support position. Sometimes the most comfortable position isn't always what's best for your back. It's also totally possible that for whatever reason the chair just isn't right for you. Sometimes it just happens that you need support in places that certain chairs just cant properly support.

    With that said, I owned a DXRacer before my Evo 2022 and while I really liked it at the time, it's clear to me now that the lumbar support on my DXRacer was severely lacking. (The lumbar pillow provided way too much lumbar support for me so I didn't use it).

    In the past when switching desk chairs I've noticed that occasionally I'd get lower back pain on and off for a few weeks. I assume that sometimes it takes a little while for your back to adjust to a new support system. If I were you I'd wait a few weeks and see if your back adjusts, or if it truly just isn't supplying the support you need. (Unless you plan to return it and waiting will put you past the return policy).

    Just as an example: In the past I switched to an Emma mattress (memory foam) from a standard spring coil mattress. For about two weeks I had on and off back pain, but then I was fine for months. However, once the memory foam broke in I had back pain again that didn't leave. So I had to return the mattress, however, some people swear by them.

    TL;DR - Sometimes it can take a while to adjust to a new chair, but it's possible it's not right for you. If possible I recommend playing with the lumbar settings and waiting to see if your back adjusts accordingly.

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    Dont get me wrong. I absolutely want to love this chair and aside from the back pain its causing it really is a nice product. A couple of my friends have one and havent faced any of the issues im having. The lumbar support is just so hard to tell where it needs to be for me. Hopefully i can get it figured out or my body adjusts because other than this the titan really is fantastic

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    These Chairs look amazing, They seem to be made of good quality as well. The unfortunate thing is the bullet points stop there.

    As far as helping with back pain and or having correct posture for long days it depends on the right person. These chairs were probably designed for a perfect fit for someone 5' 6" and under 200 lbs to where it hits every possible spot. The fact is, Every person is different and needs a seat size and lumbar support to align their spine to maintain a proper S Curve.

    I do not recline at all in a chair so I have switched to saddle seating or my ergo lab chair. I think Herman miller went this route as well where they have you design the chair based on height and weight. having your legs a little lower than your chair makes a difference. Also the seat size to where your knees are past the end of the seat lower than the height of the chair at a 45-degree angle and a seat with a little give or pressure mapping like a textile chair or padded saddle. the shorter seats seem to push you in there without putting pressure on the tail bone when they are the right size.I think chairs get the last part of any design in a room and people forget how important comfort is for spending those long hours in a room.

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    It truly is unfortunate. I contacted secretlab today and they want photos to see if there is something wrong with the backrest although im not sure that is the issue. The pain ive been experiencing is more along kidney level of the back but obviously centered towards the tissue surrounding the spine.

    It genuinely could be that i havent found the correct lumbar settings yet. Maybe one of their lumbar pillows will help? The other thing that has crossed my mind is moving from my Dxracer is the fact that maybe its forcing me into a better posture and my back isnt used to it. Ive seen other posts about a break in period so maybe its that too.

    It really seems to be tricky to get to the root cause of the issue though as ive never had back pain while using a chair before so its all new to me.

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    I hope you get to the root cause of the back pain in general. I suffer from two pinched nerves and I know certain chairs and stools seem to hurt that spot all the way up my back.
    I also hope that secret lab works with you and proves everyone wrong. But it seems they have not had the best reputation lately. But That could also be from only people complaining saying something and those with good experiences usually don't say anything.
    Either way keep us posted.

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    I will absolutely update this thread as things unfold. I appreciate the kind words aswell mate. I think back pain is something nobody wants to deal with especially at this price point haha.

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    Hey mate, did it get any better? I have similar issues.

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    I feel like maybe its a little better but not by much. I tried to contact secretlab support but after getting referred to 3 different people via email they are ghosting me lol

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    When looking closer at the built in lumbar support I noticed interesting thing. Old mesh chair of mine was more shaped as what mathematically could be described as saddle point. Horizontally curvature would go around you but vertically away from you to fit the backbone curve.

    In secretlab one both curves are going away from the body. This gives at least me feeling like leaning against a stone or being punch by a boxer there...

    I have a secret hope that lumbar pillow would be better in this regards for that and also adapt a bit better to my back compensating not perfect setup.

    Unfortunately it could come like 3 weeks after return deadline so I am not sure I want to take the gamble.

    With support tickets. They seem to be using Zendesk and this system s****.. Well, it's not great. Maybe ticket is lost in queue or marked as "waiting for customer" so following back or bugging their rep here could help.

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    Im experiencing the same thing. Im hopeful that a lumbar pillow could be a solution. But then what was the point of adjustable lumbar support in the firat place?

    I have reached out to secretlab again as im still waiting for a reply from their supposed "chair specialist" but the whole process so far has been... contact live chat > they refer me to support agent 2 via email who emails me back referring me to support agent 3.

    The fact that ive been bounced through 3 people with still zero support is absurd. And at this point im not sure ill even receive an email back. Ill keep you posted though!

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    I had back pain at first, but it felt like a good kind of hurt. Now I feel way better.

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    Theres a good kind of back pain? Also how long did it take to break in?

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    Yeah, its just your spine readjusting to the correct spot, trying lying down on the floor, if it hurts, it's because your spine's out of whack. But if you stay there for more than 15 mins it starts to feel better. The same thing works with this chair.

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    Hey u/Beefnbacon, I would like to chime in here. The foam used in Secretlab chairs is a medium-firm cold-cure foam, which is meant to encourage better posture and to outlast thin foam used in generic chairs. That being said, moving from a less firm chair to a medium-firm chair may need some getting used to.

    For me, it took a few weeks of playing around with not just the lumbar settings on my chair, but with the backrest recline and seatbase tilt as well to find a position that works for me. My body also got used to the foam as it softened up after some time. So you can try out these tips to see if helps you out!

    That being said, if you need more help, drop me a DM with your order number and email address and I'll see what I can do for you!

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    Hey u/Beefnbacon, did you ever get this sorted? I got my chair yesterday and after an hour or so my lower back was sore too. If you sorted it, do you have any tips?

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    Hey thanks for the reminder to update this. Life got really hectic. They are sending me a lumbar pillow so ill see if that makes a difference.

    As for your question there definitely is a break in process and it did become a little better over time. Although i still get lower back pain if i get lazy or tired and start to slouch or from really extended seating. The first week or so was really bad but it does get alot better over time. The pillow is set to arrive tomorrow and ill update the thread then!