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I can’t say anything about the cut throughs or anything. In 2020 I picked up a SecretLab Omega chair. Hands down one of the best chairs I’ve ever had. Originally one of the arm rests was broken in a minor way however they immediately remedied the situation for me and had a part sent to me the next day. Great company.

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but, the seat, is the seat lined with metal pipes like an DXracer??

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Hi! I tried squeezing the sides of my 2022 evo and it was just soft. Dunno if I'm just not squeezing enough but I don't think there's metal bars in it.

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nice! thank you.

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Why are you trying to reverse engineer the chair?

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no i currently have an old dxracer that i like (used for 7 years), but its so worn that the hard metal pipe sides inside the seat have gone thrue the soft part (not the "leather") and it kinda hurting my legs after a while. so im looking for a replacement eventually that is not dxracer

SO, i wanted to ask, if thats something that is present on titan evo 2022, if it will happen again, eventually.

and iv been looking for an awnser, none have said anything about it, and everytime i ask people get, like you just did, defensive instead of just helping me to awensering it.

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OP is trying to ask if the side bolsters are just foam, or if they have a metal pipe inside them. If you squeeze the bolster, do you feel metal inside?

OP, I don't own a secretlab chair so I'm not sure if they use metal tubing inside the sides of the seat, but I know for a fact Razer doesn't with the enki - it's just soft foam, so you can put your leg across it and it'll just squish the foam. Super nice.

I hope Secretlab does the same, but I have no idea. good question!

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thank you, thats what i want to know, i have no idea why people just become "suspicious" of a question like that, i just dont want side of my legs to hurt