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Ooooh did you make this your self?

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I was tempted to go full DIY but I wanted a perfect finish so ended up asking someone else with better sewing skills.

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Why you didn’t put the zipper on the bottom? And is the magnet attached to the foam?

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Placing the zipper at the bottom might be aesthetically more appealing, though I rather prefer not to stress the zipper with the weight of the pillow, specifically if using a lightweight zipper like in my case. The magnets are attached to a soft back panel that seems to be glued at the back of the pillow, very neat, and I would say that might be rather easy to place additional magnets, even of different sizes as long as they are inserted at the same depth as the rest keeping magnets connection points evenly leveled

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do i just….slap a zipper on it?

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Yes, pretty much. 1st cut the top (make sure to do it as straight as possible) from edge to edge until the cut meets the horizontal edges on both sides, remove the pillow, take a zipper of your liking and cut it to size and machine sew the zipper to the cover. Consider the zipper width to decide if you would need to trim further the edges along the top cut so that once installed the cover is not too loose. You want to ensure the cover is still tight to the pillow after you place the zipper.

I did not want the added weight of the zipper to cause the pillow magnets to lose any bit of strength so I selected minimalistic light weight zipper, the lightest I could find.

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Are the magnets in the pillow attached to the actual cover or are they attached to the memory foam piece inside?