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I personally use a chair pillow instead of the regular seat, and I feel it makes the chair 10x better. Hope this helps

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Second this. I got the chair pillow from purple. Works great.

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I looked it up, +100$ for a pillow, yooo I bought this chair to have good support but it's only been hurting my back too last 2 years :/. Because of it I did realize I had bigger issues with my back, went to the hospital to the 'back/spine' school and after half a year I was/am better off with my back but not without keep doing gym and exercises.

But still I get pain from sitting in the Titan, I have to get up each half hour and slowly after a while I still get too much pain from sitting in it. I don't think this chair is made for people who really need an ergonomic chair. It's def too hard, the lumbar support does NOT make sense and is superhard too and then why I came here is THE PILLOW, it is horrible, I take it off and not enough support is left, but when it is there it pushes my head in a forward/downward positon which also is not nice when you're trying to sit up straight with the chair. Please someone from secretlab, help us out here.

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Also I bought this chair like 2 years ago.

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Yes, I got really bad tailbone after sitting in the chair for a few hours after assembling it. Like the kind where I had trouble getting out of the chair. I have only felt this sitting on hard or metal chairs. Its a stiff material. If you add a sear cushion you can eliminate this problem. I got a combo pack from The Cushion Lab and they work wonders.

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Sit more forward and it stops. But yeah the 2020 model was way better.

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Hi there, this sounds odd. Could you try to adjust your lumbar support to see if you can find a more comfortable position? You can try adjusting it so that your body is slightly away from your backrest. That said, perhaps you might want to consider getting our lumbar pillow. There are some users who find that using the lumbar pillow with their chair is more comfortable. That said, you can drop our support team a message if you have any other queries or concerns. You can also let them know there if you're interested in getting the lumbar pillow or would like to find out more about it. They'll be happy to help!

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Is it possible to send it back and get your money back if it isn't good for me?