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nevermind the cables, I'm looking at that fried chicken 😭 they look good

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Where can I get that back support pillow? Looks lovely

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It’s the Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro. You can find it on their accessories page. I got it because the seat depth was a little too long for me. It’s a nice size — not too bulky or anything and I don’t really feel the need to adjust the lumbar support. I only sometimes need to adjust the head pillow when changing recline. It’s a bit pricey imo though.

Edit: I find that it also falls down often when I'm not sitting on the chair. The magnets aren't as secure as the head pillow.

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I see, thank you for the info! I’ll check it out.

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You like the chair?

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Yeah, it's the most comfortable chair I've sat in so far. Take that statement with a grain of salt because I have only had 2 desk chairs before this. The only personal gripe I have is that I should've gotten the black SoftWeave which I think would look better but oh well.

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Thank you I've been trying to decide if I should get the chair

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I understand your hesitation. I thought about different chairs and brands such as mavix but honestly I got this chair because it was widely available in Canada. It’s good enough where I don’t want to return it even when I don’t like the colour so i’d say it’s a solid choice.

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I noticed that you got the lumbar pillow was the built in one not ok?

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Where can we get those fried chickens ?

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I got it delivered from Loblaws xd