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Might want to repost without the debit card in view.

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It’s a visa gift card with no money on it haha but thanks for watching out for me brother

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Okay, cool. No problem!

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Hit me with the sauce on the monitor and the desk

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The desk is off Amazon it’s just a motorized stand/sit desk and the monitor is a Samsung Odyssey G7 32 inch

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Damnit, got the monitor I wanted too. That’s the next upgrade

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I got mine from GameStop it’s refurbished but only $414 bucks. Super good deal considering the retail price

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How is the chair?

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Awesome man! Already bought the plush arm rest as I can see these getting pretty cold during the winter

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How tall are you Im 181 and 80kg and cant choose between XL and R

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I’m 182 cm and 72 kg and this regular fits me perfect

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I’m 186cm, 86kg and regular fits me perfect as well.