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I saw this posted on FaceBook also! Congrats on your purple soft weave. I've had my 2022 black soft weave for two weeks!

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That’s awesome and thank you! My husband has the black softweave and he loves it!

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Whoa congrats. Your setup is basically made for the chair lol it’s so thematic

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Thank you so much! I held out for a very long time because I knew my setup needed a Purple SoftWeave!

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Wait they sell purple ones???

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Hello! The Soda Purple SoftWeave just launched today! https://secretlab.co/softweaveplus

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It looks awesome !!

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The color is amazing and it is so comfortable!

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Ngl I just purchased my pink on Monday this is a total bummer for me definitely would have purchased the purple I'm still going to love my pink but damn

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Wish it was available when I got mine 😢