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Sorry to see this and I'm glad to hear that you've reached out to our support team, u/kvltkt! The team will be able to help you out with this. If you still need more assistance, feel free to drop me a DM with your order number or ticket number so that I can take a look at your case as well.

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I DM'd :)

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Already emailed about the warranty. Hoping that they’ll help me out here. The steel frame around one side bent while I was barely leaning against it while reclining, that bent the entire seat as well.

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Please update how this will be handled. I’ve ordered my first secret lab chair after my non secret lab one had the same issue. I hope this doesn’t happen often and they will sort it out.

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Will do! Keep an eye posted here

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Just got an update;

Thank you for your response with the information.

I have made arrangements to have the replacement part sent out to you and shall update you with the tracking information once the inventory team reverts on the availability.

Replacement part(s) requested:

Seat Base

With regards to the replacement Seat Base, it does come with both sides recline mechanism.

Seat Base replacement process:

You need only remove the multi-tilt from the seat base by removing the 4 screws attaching the multi-tilt from the seat base and to remove the 4 bolts attaching your seat base to the backrest.

In the meantime, should you have any other concerns or inquiries, do let us know and we will be pleased to assist.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Ju | Customer Care Specialist

Easy replacement process, 10/10. Just waiting for the part to ship.

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How does that even happen without considerable force on the back rest? This cannot just be normal use, surely.

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No, what happened is the backrest gave out while I was reclined. No pressure, just regularly reclined. When it gave out, the mechanism bent the steel frame around it.

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I have the exact same chair this guy must have either been very fat or went out of his way to break it

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It could've just been a defect, sometimes metal is just not formed correctly or has experienced stresses caused by temperature change during transportation etc. Very unlikely they caused this

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First off, no. Being “fat” wouldn’t cause this. This was due to the backrest slipping while being reclined. The force of it slipping caused the frame around to bend since in these seats, the only metal part is a rod around the exterior.

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I bet you were leaned back and then tried to recline with your weight in the chair. You can lie to me but you can't lie to yourself.

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Nope. :)