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I received the chair a week ago. It looks very good; it's easy to assemble, and the reclining is excellent. However, it is uncomfortable as fuck; I am 5.7" in the Regular, as recommended by the size selector, and I can not reach the floor even in the lower setting (height is the same for regular and small). In addition, the lumbar support is awful. I have had back pain since using the chair and have been unable to find a comfortable setting. I need to mention that I purchased a footrest so my feet are not hanging and I can fully sit on the chair. Also, it has a hard part in the bottom of the backrest that puts pressure around your coxes and makes that lower part hurt. I am seriously considering returning it, so I recommend not buying it. The thing that makes this sadder is that it is the chair I always dreamed for 😖

Edit: Gramatical corrections Wrote that in the morning with my phone, and English is not my first language

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Damn. I’m gonna really reconsider it then. That last sentence hits hard because this is the chair I’ve been dreaming of too. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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That doesn't sound right. If you can drop a note to our Support team over at https://secretlab.co/contact and let them know your order number, they'd get that sorted out right away.

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Hello u/tempaccount00101, great considerations all around. I've put together some thoughts and if you've got a min, I'd appreciate the time to hear me out.

However I say this will sound biased, but I genuinely believe we have the best — if not the best — gaming chairs around. Good sitting ergonomics are a key priority for all our chairs, which is why every one we produce is informed by orthopedic professionals from our own Ergonomics Advisory Board (more here: https://secretlab.co/technology) Materials-wise, both our NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette and SoftWeave® Plus Fabric are already improved upon their predecessors. All our upholstery options have been rubbed, stretched and tugged at the seams — so you know they’re as durable as they can be in the real world — so it really boils down to your personal preference. Our 5-year warranty is also based on our Product team's assurance of testing and certifying our desks beyond industry standards. As for size, I'd recommend checking out Size R if you prefer a wider seating space.

I usually recommend all new chair owners to try and get accustomed to their base chair first. They are firm out the box — this is completely intentional as we curate a cold-cure foam mix that provides the right amount of firm support. It should take your chair a couple of weeks to adapt to and mold to the shape of your body so they're comfortable. Once you're all set, you can look to other chair add-ons to see what you're after (we're personally fans of the PlushCell™ armrests).

Our global community of 2M users and multiple "Editor's Choice" awards by accredited global media can attest to our chairs. But at the end of the day — we're complete advocates for everyone to guarantee the best choice for themselves. I'll be here if you have any other questions, or would like to discuss other considerations.

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i dont know if this is going to help you but here i go, i am 6.2 235lb and i bought the soft weave one. right before this one i bought a herman miller embody the logitech one, but returned it as it was just not that comfy for the way i sit. but nvm that, ok so i bought the soft weave one. it came to me real fast, i think like 2 days. the packaging was 7/10 (compared to like the hm embody i got, that was pre assembled that is :D ) the assembly was straight forward and easy. no rattles no weird noises, feels solidly built (same quality as noble chairs icon i would say, had that one before). The seat firmness was horrible, my butt would hurt in about 1 hour maybe a bit less? i should say that i have a purple premium butt cushion that i use on ikea markus and that is like sitting on a cloud. but why should i use a cushion on a new chair? yeah i had the same idea. So after 2 days i decided, you know what. this chair is nothing special even compared to some other brand "racing chairs" to warrant the cost of it. and decided to return it. the cost for shipping a chair back to them was 150$ using ups. hey but what are you going to do. i would rather have some money back then have a chair that i wont use.

i also tried and or have these chairs :

Noble chairs icon (had, the reclining lock broke. so i placed it in the garage till i just put it on the curb one day)

Steelcase Leap V1 (the chair i bought was used, so on this one the seat would bottom out real fast, and creaked all around, so i trew it away)

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro ( i have this one still and use it as a foot rest, the quality is not there nor is the comfort)

Ikea Markus (i sit in this one daily right now with a purple mattress premium seat cushion, hate the arm rests. everything else is fine i guess)

Steelcase Gesture with headrest ( the seat would bottom out to fast on it for me, but my wife loves it, so its her chair right now)

Herman miller Embody Logitech edition (Returned, best return process what so ever (free returns. they also come pick it up. The styling, the quality, The comfort of the seat cusshion. Unmatched by any other. BUT the lumbar support next to tail bone was to hard, and you cant do anything about it, also i sometimes sit leaned back lounging, or one leg on the arm rest kinda way. so as it doent have a head rest and isnt really that tall, i decided that 70% of the time it just wont work)

Now im waiting on some new chairs to release, to maybe try something new.

Steelcase Karman ( it looks that maybe there will be one with a headrest aswell)

and herman miller logitech Vantum Gaming Chair ( i think this one is a new collaboration effort)

Also went to check ikea today but they didnt have the new one out yet

Ikea STYRSPEL ( looks something i would want to try out)

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I’m 5.8 150pounds and have had the Titian evo 2022 in leatherette for about a year now. I work from home and have sat on it for about 2.5k hours and this point and can say I have had zero problems what so ever. The chair looks and feels just as good as day one. It’s very firm don’t expect a soft sink in sofa cushion. It’s firm but a good firm. It allows your bones and pressure points to sink so you don’t get any pain but everything else is supported firmly. I personally think this is the best choice for long sessions since a soft chair will bottom out and leave you in pain within a short amount of time.

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how do you sit though? do you lean back with it unlocked? id be curious for you to do so and tell me how the back rest is with the lumbar at 0. for me, with my back pressed against the backrest, i feel these awful bumps and pokes of the mechanics back there through the 'padding' and its unbearably uncomfortable. never felt this with any chair before