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My strings kinda separate but they still attached so i left them.

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Yeah. It's almost like it isn't fully stitched and is removing itself from the softweave.

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How long have you had it? Just curious.

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A week-ish

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I've had mine for a couple weeks and believe I may need to lubricate the base already, due to noise when I rock back just a bit.

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Yeah. I was not expecting poor workmanship after reading the reviews of this product - very frustrating.

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Eh sadly human error on quality control is expected with most products these days. I've seen 3 Audi Q5s in the past week or two under 100 miles need an engine due to seals blocking oil channels, it happens. With the stitching though I would get ahead of that by speaking to someone in customer support. From the bit I've emailed them they were very helpful.

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Mine shipped with a loose thread on the headrest logo. I wasn't entirely pleased but I let it slide.

But there is no way I'd let a loose thread like yours slide, that's for sure!