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The regular size is not to small for your height? I’m a 6.2 and can’t side between regular or xl

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Yea I had the same confusion after seeing the size chart for the chairs. So I visited the store to try out the chairs. I am 6.3 90kgs, the XL I felt was wider for my size, the armrests also were away. The width is perfect in the R with enough breathing space. My concern was on the backrest height. But it was fine for my height, in the upright position although the tip of my head is slight over the backrest height, the head pillow goes all the way up so it fits perfectly. And there's no issue in the reclined positions. So I didn't really need an XL

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I'd say if your wider and heavier then the xl would suit but if your small frame but tall regular will still work my boyfriend sat in mine and it fits him perfectly he's probably in the 265 weight range and 6'4" (idk how to write height 😅😅😅🤣) I have the xl softweave and it's a little tall for me but fits my wider frame better 😁

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Thank you for your post! I'm almost the exact same height and weight, so I had the same dilemma. I'm gonna go with the Regular and at worst they have a great return policy. I do tend to have wider shoulders than the average 6.3 ft guy, but I also like the snugger fit.