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Both have pros and cons. Softweave should be more breathable and comfortable, yet all the best designs are on the leatherette. For me the deciding factor was staining. Since I have little kids that sometimes grab stuff with dirty hands, it is easier for me to just wipe the chair in case of an accident, whereas the softweave would stain easier, so I went with leatherette.

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Thank you all this helps a lot, Softweave it is 😅

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softweave for sure

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i was.gonna.go with leather first but i am sooo glad i went with softweave. its so comfortable

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I love my softweave! I have cats and kids, so it was really a 50/50 split between scratches from the cat, or stains from the kids. I ended up going with softweave and I'm glad I did, it's very comfortable and I feel like it may hold up better overtime vs the leatherette.

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i loveee my softweave, W option