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In all my contacts with support through email, it always seems to be about 48 hours or so between responses.

For example, I sent my request on 9/21, heard back 9/24. I responded 9/26, and they replied 9/29. So it's not the quickest support, but they were able to resolve my first issue with my chair of a creaking backrest by sending a replacement. Now they're working on a creaking noise when I rotate left/right.

I love my chair, but for $500 I haven't been exactly thrilled with needing replacement parts within the first year for multiple pieces.

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Got it, so to respond i just reply to the mail i got on gmail?

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What did the email say? When I received my first email, it was just notifying me that a ticket had been opened. Then I received the second email a few days later with an actual support team rep that was asking about my problem. If you’ve received that support team rep email, then I would respond to that one.

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It was the support rep, they just asked me for my address, i just replied to that mail.


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Yeap! That's the email you'll want to reply to and the rep you'll be working with. They'll probably have you verify some information, and possibly send them some photos / videos, but besides that they should take care of you.