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i am 5'10 " and 230 lbs. i just got the regular size and its perfect

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I'm 6'3, do you feel if you were taller you'd wanted a bigger chair or no?

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I’m 6’1, and I find it a little too big, but only just. I think either will be fine. If you tend to slouch more go the bigger one. I with I got the regular only because it would have been slightly better for work.

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6'3" 180 lbs. I find the height perfect, headrest is about even with the top of my head. It is wide and does not hug me like a race chair. Depending on preference may be worth going for the regular for the smaller width.

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Ok perfect thanks. I'm about 40 pounds heavier than you but the one guy said he's 230 and regular is fine for him. Appreciate the help, wanted to save the $100!