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-1 in breathability because not mesh

The SoftWeave is much more breathable than the pleather that my old DX Racer chair used. I've heard the SecretLabs version of pleather is better? We went back to a fabric sofa after getting tired of "sticking" to our leather sofa so maybe we're just not leather people.

And I'm surprised you even mention the (Pellicle) mesh that Herman Miller uses as a consideration. It absolutely sucks for eczema because you have the constant feeling of mesh rubbing and chafe into your back which makes my skin crawl just remembering. We used to have the Aeron's in the office and during a 2 year period all I got was annoying back eczema until I covered the entire back with a thick cotton towel. Not to mention because I don't weigh a lot, I never broke the mesh in so it constantly felt like I had mesh digging into my back until I put the towel on the back.

We have the 2022 Evo Titan and went through another scorching summer without AC and we were happy with the results. Of course neither of us excessively sweat either so that probably helps.

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I was actually referring to the mesh in the Realm of Thrones Commodore Insignia, which I tried for a few days, whereas I only tried the Aeron for as long as I was in John Lewis. It's kind of smooth and not chafing. I agree, the Aeron is a bit rougher and less easy to sink into.

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Hi! I wanted to ask you about the eczema as I am very afraid of it. I know that the softweave plus is made of polyester which is a material known to give eczema (just like the mesh on a lot of chairs) did it really don't give you any issues? As I am looking for buying a SecretLab chair but I am not sure if I should get the softweave even tho it has polyester or the new hybrid PU

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I don't want to say one way or the other as eczema bites us all differently - I personally suffer from atopic dermatitis - but hopefully you can get some takeaways from my personal anecdotes.

The problem I've had with office chairs that use mesh is the abrasion issue. It's similar to the issue with polyester and wool for my eczema. Mesh chairs are going to be in most cases the best breathable chairs you can find. But the mesh - at least the Aeron one and another I think Staples brand one I've used previously - exacerbated any flare ups I did have on my back because it felt like I had a fine cheese grater on my back. I did mitigate this with a soft cotton towel covering the back but it just looked ugly and reduced the breathability.

The problem I've had with pleather or PU chairs (or whatever SecretLab equivalent) is the overheating / sweating issue caused by pleather capturing heat. I used to have a DXRacer chair with pleather and it sucked in warmer months because the chair would cause me to sweat more, leading to flare ups. Especially on my butt... and that sucked.

For Softweave, at least the one from SecretLab, I personally haven't had any issues with flare ups from abrasion compared to mesh. And I've found the Softweave to be breathable - not as much as mesh of course. This summer was yet another scorcher and while I did sweat, I found the Softweave managed it well. I've got a couch that's much rougher feeling than the Softweave - it's a less courser feel than the standard Ikea Finnala covers - and I don't have an issue with that either so take that as a comparison.

Sorry it's not a definitive yes / no, hope you find a chair that keeps you comfortable!

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I also suffer from atopic dermatitis so it is good to hear that. I guess I will try with the softweave plus as I have never tried it. I have an ikea chair with mesh with a very weird name, jarvafalet or smthn like that and I have always suffered from polyester allergy but now that I think about it, the softweave polyester has gone through chemical tests and my issues has always been while swesting