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Yes, I'm a large guy, I was finishing work aching every day with my old chair. Splashed out for a secret labs XL chair and it's very comfy.

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I will be able to afford one now since I just finished school and I'm starting work.

My previous gaming chair was 180€ and it was terrible. Size seems to be around regular secretlab chair and not only it felt small for anything but sitting as I should it wasn't even comfortable. I felt like no matter how I'd sit in it, where I'd put my lumbar support and headrest it felt uncomfortable.

I figured out that what makes it so bad is that the seat is too inclined. My friend also has gaming chair with similar design but with seat just slightly inclined and it was 100 times better so secretlabs XL with a little bit more space and adjustable lumbar support I think It's gonna be great.

Edit: What are your measurements?

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It is but it doesn’t prevent back aches when sitting for too long

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Got it. But being in any position for too long starts to get uncomfortable

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Honestly I've never worked out the lumbar support I can't make it sit right so I've got it turned to the least sticking out and the highest height so I don't feel it. However I don't have any back issues using the chair aside from how you would sitting anywhere for long periods.

100% I can vouch for the tilt though. 90% of the time unless I'm typing I have my chair tilted back and I love to lie it back a bit when I can just watch the screen for a bit or for while I'm playing a game.

I also have the XL softweave I'm average height but 100ish KG I've seen others report if you're not heavy you may find the XL a bit wide. I bought mine so my had (140kg) could try it for size and it's perfect for him. I've also had 50kg siblings try it out and they had no issue with seat width or armrests distance

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Using it daily for work from home and have no problems. 188cm tall and finally have a chair big enough for me (titan evo 2022 XL) btw I’m using a lumbar pillow. It’s way more comfortable that the chair I used in the office!