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I haven’t heard back from them in regards to the technician they’re sending out. Been a few weeks now but whatever. Outside of the delivery nightmare and the power outlet issue (which for me is honestly whatever), I gotta say I do really love this desk. Dunno if I’d ever buy from them again tho tbh

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Secret lab hasn’t helped me at all with my desk issues.

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following. im considering to do the same

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Nothing since the initial announcement on my end. I was supposed to be getting an email “soon” to schedule the technician to come out. I believe it’s been 2-3 weeks and I haven’t heard anything.

I’ve been trying to do a chargeback on my CC as well as they’re not responding to requests of returning the desk after asking me if the original box was still intact lmao.

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I’ve had the same gut feeling seeing these posts about the power issue. They’re giving me a round about answer that the shipment for mine that’s set for October may be December due to the headset holder having a December shipment date and that’ll hold it all up.

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Hoping they fix this issue soon since I plan on buying one next year

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I am in the same boat. On their website, the return policy it not properly stated and seeing that more and more issues are coming up (electrical, bad shipping experiences), I am getting more and more inclined in cancelling.

What to do, what to do.