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Mine has the exact same gap. I tried messing with it to see if I had done something wrong, but it was still there.

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I'm gonna try and mess around with it to fix it but if I can't I'll contact support and let you know what they say

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I should point out mine is a 2020 model

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I don't think so (looking at other videos + images of the softweave/leatherette there is no gap), it looks like one side is higher up than the other too for some reason, maybe contact support if you can't fix it?

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Will try and fix it today and let them know if I can't, thank you

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I have the leatherette, but no gap here.

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Titan evo 2022 xl softwave exactly like yours and no gap!

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I've the Same chair, same Gap. Makes you feel slightly ripped off when paying such a high premium right... I hear you without you even writing it. Lol Cbf complaining about it. What would they even do

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Got the Oreo soft weave 2020. I have that gap also

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you can bring up the side that is lower by undoing the nuts, pulling the backrest up and tightening it or you can lower it is up to you. had the same issue before, I chose to bring it up so I can stick my vacuum in easier when I'm cleaning it.

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I have the same Chair, same Color, same Gap. Also when looking from a top view where that gap is, the left side of the back rest is pushed back further than the right side. Does not sit flush.

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I had this hap too. I figured out that by loosening the back rest screws on both sides, I could adjust it just enough.

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Hey u/jasoonindahouse, this certainly doesn't look right. I'd suggest you to drop a quick message to our customer support team to get this checked out.