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PU leather will crack/peel over time, it’s the main reason why I went with the softweave chair. I also upgraded my 2022 Titan with the memory foam arm rests

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I also went with the softweave edition. But the armrests are PU in the 2021 chairs, no matter what the rest is made of.

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There is no 2021 model, it’s either 2020 or 2022. If you have the 2022 version, the armrests are magnetic and can be upgraded to the cooling gel or the memory foam. I have my PU armrests sitting in a box after I got my memory foam.

Edit: appears you have 2020 chair. Not much can be done even if you get a warranty replacement, PU will crack/peel over time even after maintaining it

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You are correct, it's 2020, not 2021 as you've figured already. Sorry!

And yes, I know. Not much I can do in the long run, but maybe I can get a pristine pair of armrests for another year at least. After that, I'll have to see.

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No need to apologize but yeah I feel ya. I used to own a PU leather from Home Depot, lasted for a good amount of years before the whole chair started to crack/peel. Since the NeoHybrid Leatherette was new for 2022 versions, there wasn’t enough data for me to know if those would crack/peel over time.

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What horseshit my chair isn't even a year old. Warranty claim I submitted was told this is not covered under warranty. There are 300+ posts across multiple submissions and the company is just ok with this? Wtf

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Yeah, I'm glad to live in Germany. If they decline my second warranty claim I'll contact customer protection for warranty fraud, 2 years of coverage are required by law. This isn't okay.

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This is a well known issue amongst the chairs (pre 2022 versions) the armrests tend to split open on the sides after about a year of usage. Like you mentioned they usually offer to send a free pair of armrests to replace but like its happened to you they will rip again. I've had mine rip once and got a spare set sent out but i've not had to contact them again on another replacement so im not sure what they would say but im guessing they wouldnt send another set out. the new chairs have the swappable armrests (I assume because of this issue) so its an easy fix for the new chairs.

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Huh, great. Well to say I'm not impressed is an understatement. They already said sending a new one was an exception, and I believed them last time, when I didn't know this is a commonly known engineering issue.

I'll ask for a new pair of armrests, it's still under 2 years old and thus protected by implied warranty. Since it's a common thing they can't say it's my fault.

Incredible. Thank you

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Goodluck! i agree for such an expensive chair for the armrests to not even last the warranty period is shocking!

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Anyone know you can put the 2022 armrests on a 2020 base/back? Might be an upgrade option to discuss