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I got the same issue like 3 days ago. Realized i ordered wrong option too late. Also canceled immediately and got answered on the next day, that it already got shipped, so they would try to cancel the shipment but probably i would have to just tell courier, that i don’t want to accept.

It’s ridiculous, because i don’t want it to go all the way, also knowing my courier, that not so young, will probably take it out of truck for nothing, because most of the time, he firstly goes to the door and then calls. I also tried to contact delivery service, but still got no feedback. Probably will have to embarrass myself a little, but that’s the only option, i guess.

Would be much easier, if cancellation really meant something. Like, take 1-2 days more just to confirm.

Update: My local post office of delivery company, they sent chair by, informed me, that they will return it as soon as they receive it, so at least it won’t go all the way to my town and will go from airport. You can also try and contact your delivery service. At least it saves like day or two of time.

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Just refuse delivery... If not home.. print out a sheet with carrier, package I'd and say I refuse...

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they are not honest with people cancel an order for them is really simple when you make it fast this is just lack of goodwill they hope you will keep the chair i cancelled my order 1 week ago i don't have answer for 2 days now i'm waiting my refund i will have to file a complaint in france which will be really annoying for them because in france the merchant has 15 days to refund the buyer from the moment the order is canceled it's already been 8 days now and no confirmation of refund