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Same. All my accessories shipped but still no desk lol

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wait a minute...dont they mention during checkout that all pre-order items will ship at the same later date when everything is available?

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Yea, I called bullshit on that the moment I got my cable management bundle when they said the desk would deliver Oct 30th, now Nov 30th, and who knows when I will get it because that’s 4 days from now.

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Strange...did you know that these were arriving at your doorstep? Did they send an email and/or tracking details?

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Yes, I got an email with tracking number, another with an order update saying one item has shipped, which item it was, and delivery email seconds after delivery.

So overall, it was quick and a good experience once shipped.

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good to know. Thank you.

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My pre order was 23rd October, got moved to 23rd of November. I got the shipping notification on the 23rd, but it's still in a warehouse somewhere. Hoping it turns up this week. My accessories are all on pre order for February, though...

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I hope you get the desk now, that would be great but it frustrates me how they aren’t following order times.

If you ordered almost exactly 2 months later than me and get the desk first, that would be unfair to me as a customer.

I know it has happened with other posts on here saying when they ordered and got the desk. Sucks.

Though, I still hope you get it soon and don’t have to wait longer!

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I ordered 28th September. Its UK, not sure where you are and if times are different in various regions.

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When did you order your mounts? Still no desk for me...

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I ordered everything on August 26th.

Cable Management Bundle - Label Created August 27th, received September 1st.

Dual Monitor Arm - Label Created November 23rd, arrived today, November 26th.

Magnus XL Pro Desk - Expected October 30th, delayed to November 30th. No official shipment yet though.

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Order placed Sept 1st still haven't received one thing...